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  1. ItsSilverLPs

    What is your Wii U game of the year so far?

    Mario Kart 8. Guacamelee would be in second, Armillo in third. Those are the only ones I bought so far though, I'm sure DKCTF and Shovel Knight would be strong contenders.
  2. ItsSilverLPs

    Your E3 top 10

    1- Star Fox U announcement (while we barely got any screens of it, just the announcement and the info is making me hyped) 2- Yoshi's Woolly World 3- Palutena in Smash Bros. 4- Splatoon 5- Zelda U reveal (probably would be higher if they showed us actual gameplay. But in-game cutscene reveal is...
  3. ItsSilverLPs

    Once and for all, choose your side : Brawl or Melee ?

    Well, I can't decide lol I prefer Melee's singleplayer, I think that Brawl focused too much on Subspace Emissary and its cutscenes and it ended up taking from the other modes. The Event Matches and the Adventure levels from Melee were beyond amazing, for example. But for multiplayer, definitely...
  4. ItsSilverLPs

    Zelda Reveals, your hype meter ?

    Well, for Zelda Wii U, my hype is off the roof. I really loved WWHD and ALBW, and seeing how both have elements that will be present in Zelda U, I think Zelda U might end up being my favorite. I only remember really following the reveals of Skyward Sword, OoT3D, WWHD and ALBW. For Skyward Sword...
  5. ItsSilverLPs

    Top Ten Gameboy/Gameboy Color Games (voting closed)

    1. The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening 2. Kirby's Dream Land 2 3. Super Mario Land 2 4. Shantae 5. Super Mario Land 6. Mario Golf 7. Wario Land 8. Donkey Kong Country (GBC port) 9. Kirby's Dream Land 10. Game & Watch Gallery 2
  6. ItsSilverLPs

    TNE Forums: Do you play Kirby?

    I really love Kirby games. No kidding, I put them only below Mario and Zelda, in my list. I always get really excited whenever Nintendo announces a new Kirby game, and I'm usually not disappointed. I only dislike two Kirby games: Amazing Mirror and Epic Yarn (the last one is mostly because it...
  7. ItsSilverLPs

    Why Majora's Mask is the absolute best Zelda

    Majora's Mask is truly brilliant. I mean, most Zelda games are, but Majora's Mask stands out. From the gameplay to the music and story, and even the graphics, for its time. I really want a MM remake, but not before a new game. I want Nintendo to release Zelda U, then think about a MM remake...
  8. ItsSilverLPs

    Nintendo of America Vs Nintendo Europe

    idk, while NoE handles things such as promotions better, NoA handles marketing better.
  9. ItsSilverLPs

    What's Your Favorite Game and Why? (Front Page Article)

    POST ON FRONT PAGE There are many games that we can consider masterpieces. However, usually the first huge masterpiece you've ever played is the one that gives you a truly lasting impression. While my favorite game of all time is not the first game I've ever played, it's this kind of game I...
  10. ItsSilverLPs

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Wii U Thread And it has been confirmed the game will be on a modern setting.
  11. ItsSilverLPs

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Wii U Thread

    I feel that roughly, the game may be Devil Survivor with permadeaths. I think that a very interesting relationship system is also likely, since we've seen that not only in Fire Emblem, but in Atlus games like Persona and Conception.
  12. ItsSilverLPs

    Who's Getting Mario Kart 8? [Official Thread]

    I'm definitely buying it as soon as possible, whether it has voice chat, Dry Bones, Mission Mode, GBA Cheese Land or not. What they've shown so far already makes it amazing for me.
  13. ItsSilverLPs

    Would you get hyped for a Star Fox: Assault 2?

    Definitely. Believe it or not, Assault was my favorite Star Fox. Sure the on-foot missions need some work but they were already good imo.The multiplayer on Assault is where the game really shines. Making it online would be even better.Just wish this hypothetical sequel would be longer. 10...
  14. ItsSilverLPs

    The #GameCubeBrotherhood Discussion

    Gamecube is an amazing console. I really like how it was the most "experimental" era from Nintendo: we saw new IPs such as Pikmin, a 3D Mario game based around a water jetpack, a toonish Zelda, a FPS Metroid, a Kirby racing game, a Mario Kart with two racers per vehicle, and more...At least on...
  15. ItsSilverLPs

    What companies should Nintendo partner with?

    Sega: extend the Sonic partnership, plus bring NiGHTS, Jet Set Radio, and maybe even Shenmue if possibleAtlus: bring the RPGs.Mistwalker: Just like Monolith, another dev with former Square Enix members would be great Platinum: they could work on some Nintendo franchises.Capcom: new Mega Man...
  16. ItsSilverLPs

    ITT: Discussion of the newest Game Theory episode, "Wii U is the New Virtual Boy"

    Poor battery life and no third party support? OK, I give you that, even though they had few third party since the N64Too expensive? Maybe on launch it was, but the guy on the video didn't even mention that by now, buying all those things would cost $432 for the cheapest bundle, and that now...
  17. ItsSilverLPs

    Bayonetta Bloody Fate & Bayonetta 2:The Future of Cereza

    Bayo2 is looking amazing, easily most anticipated Wii U title aside from SSB for me.And you know, I think it will sell pretty well. The outburst caused on the internet because of the existence of this game wasn't for nothing.And if Wii U also got the first Bayonetta, Bayo2 sales would be even...
  18. ItsSilverLPs

    What would be your perfect game?

    I can't think of one sole perfect game because:1. It depends on the genre2. Some of the most amazing games I've played were games I never expected to see in my life but I guess some examples would be a very open-world 3D Mario where you collect stars in a non-linear way or an extremely...
  19. ItsSilverLPs

    What Wii U can learn from PS4

    They have sharing covered with Miiverse, plus you can post screenshots at Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.Nintendo promised that Wii U's OS will be faster, but we gotta wait and see how much faster it will actually be.Twitch streaming would be AMAZING, but I really don't see it happening...
  20. ItsSilverLPs

    What is Retro Studios REALLY up to?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they're helping on Miyamoto's new IP.