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    My Informal Pacific Rim Review

    I love movies; in fact, I love movies so much that I would come back as a jaded movie-goer to tell people to go see a movie. And it's not a movie with morally complex themes or poetically sluggish pacing (not that I have anything against them), but a big-budgeted mainstream feature with...
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    Smash Bros. cancelled... A comedy article

    I already posted something like this on IGN, but screw it I want people to read this. Have a good laugh and enjoy :D
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    An introduction that is long overdue

    Hello all, I haven't logged in to this forum 8 months since I've registered due to a strange error that won't notify that I've logged in. It appears by posting now, that problem has been addressed a very long time ago. I'm actually a big fan of Nintendo Enthusiast, and I've even liked the...