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  1. beanboy

    Breath of the wild 2

    I myself can't wait for this game. Hopefully, it will be more epic, than the first botw game.
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    Nintendo Switch Prototype Game Cartridge Case

    @Shweaty Dude that is cool. I was never a fan of brain designs, but that one is an exception. Very nice. Suggestion: Painting some green colour on the brain, to give it a nuclear waste mutant ooze look, would be a good idea too. Another good suggestion, is to make parts of the brain more...
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    Capcom maybe for real up to be bought.......again

    Well there was that rumour years ago, that nintendo secretly has some huge shares in capcom for many years now. But chose to keep quiet about it. Heck, if it turned out that nintendo is actually the owner of capcom, and chose not to say anything, that would not surprise me at all. Japanese...
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    I took my time and looked at all of the pics. That is some really nice artwork you guys have here.
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    My Smash Bros. Character Recommendations

    Vectorman Emi (from Fighting Vipers) Deku (from Fighters Megamix) Amingo (from MvC2) Servbot (from MvC2) Rent a Hero Darth Vader Doctor Doom And the two chicks, I mentioned in my post above, from last year.
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    Interesting article. The sad thing is, at the end of the day, those next gen consoles would still not be powerful enough, to handle the full potential of that engine, or highly photorealistic graphics, or worse, a large amount of particle effects, without using old school artistic tricks, from...
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    "It's Lamarr Wilson!" Ah he he he he! His channel is energetic and cool. That news about him giving his granny, N64 games and stuff, is nice warm hearted news. Very nice.
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    The Octopath Traveler thread

    Octopath Traveller. Unfortunately, I haven't played that game yet. But I will admit, the artwork in that game is amazing.
  11. beanboy

    What Other Styles Could the Next Zelda Go With?

    Tough one for me to answer. But I would say, a Zelda game that looks like a glossy cg intro. Check the Smash Melee intro as a good example.
  12. beanboy

    What's your favorite game of all time?

    For me, this is a tough one, because I have so many. It's either Virtua Fighter, or Soul Calibur on the dreamcast.
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    What Went Wrong With The Gamecube?

    All of the pics posted by the op look amazing, and are from some really amazing games. And that Star Wars game, looks so cool. I remember watching that Star Wars game in action years ago. It looked like it was footage from a star wars movie. And the Star Fox game was another good one. Who could...
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    The next Nintendo

    I agree.
  15. beanboy

    What Nintendo really needs is a new F-Zero

    I agree. I would love to see a new F-Zero racing game. Blazing at sonic speeds over 2000 mph .:cool:
  16. beanboy

    Sega Wants to Make a Comeback, for Real This Time: What Can be Done?

    Make Virtua Fighter 6.:cool:
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    What Are YOU Listening To? - NE Music Thread

    I'm listening to music soundtracks, from these games: Metroid Prime 1 Vampire Chronicles For Matching Service aka. Dark Stalkers (sega dreamcast) Final Fantasy 7 Super Smash Bros Melee F1 World Grand Prix 1 and II Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing PN03 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Soul Calibur 1...
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    My Smash Bros. Character Recommendations

    Chun Li and Linkle. Nuff said.
  19. beanboy

    Prime World: Defenders has been released on Nintendo Switch!

    When I saw the title Prime World: Defenders, I immediately thought, it had something to do with metroid prime. But this game is looking good dude.:cool: