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  1. dark_heartless_riku

    Overwatch is the best game this generation

    This is coming from someone who does not play online multiplayer games..especially shooters. I can see my self playing this game for years.
  2. dark_heartless_riku

    Film Enthusiast

    Anyone on Nintendo Enthusiast that enjoys film as much as me? What are some of your favorite film and why? Any interest in the art of film making? I'm into writing screenplays as a hobby. Let's see if there is any film buffs here.
  3. dark_heartless_riku

    Does Nintendo's next handheld effect the release date of Nintendo's next console?

    As we all know the Wii U hasnt done that good, while sales will rise its obvious that the hardware wont be breaking records this gen. This has led people to start expecting a new console in 5 years which would be 2017. Even some people believe 2016 in a worst case scenario. What has really got...
  4. dark_heartless_riku

    New Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Looks incredible for what I would only imagine a game thats been in development just over 6 months. I know this will never change western peoples minds but just seeing this trailer reminds me of what next gen could look like if developers used art...
  5. dark_heartless_riku

    Rumor X being localized alongside development If so Cant wait to play early fall 2014 if true~
  6. dark_heartless_riku

    Final Fantasy XV Super Thread....

    Almost everyone at Nintendo Enthusiast is in love with X (my most hyped game ever) but I dont seem to see anyone going gaga over this game. It looks absolutely incredible the setting the gameplay and graphics are absolutely incredible. The production values are off the charts and it just...
  7. dark_heartless_riku

    New Killer is Dead Trailer wow I want this game badly.
  8. dark_heartless_riku

    It's Happening! The Last of Us is going HAM in reviews!

    10/10 from edge and 10/10 IGN Cant wait to play this baby it seems like a great AAA swan song for PS3 (besides beyond two souls) I really look forward to what Naughty...
  9. dark_heartless_riku

    Wow a Hat in Time looks excellent! This is one of the first kickstarters I've ever felt like backing. We need more 3d platformers like the N64 days! I also feel a windwaker vibe from this game. If it gets enough funding it will be for Wii U
  10. dark_heartless_riku

    Nintendo List Best Buy Demo Locations Now I have to see how some of these locations are from me...
  11. dark_heartless_riku

    So who's body is ready for Animal Crossing New Leaf?

    The game is about 5 weeks away and its getting close! Who's going to join my town!? What features are you excited for? I'm happy for the release of this game cause I'll be playing this game with my girlfriend all the time and will be great for her to interact with the Nintendo Enthusiast community!
  12. dark_heartless_riku

    Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is hilariously awesome

    I loooooove seeing the animations on Luigi in this game and with the top notch graphics this game has it seems like watching a cartoon. I have laughed out loud at least 3 times with a handful of chuckles and smiles. The gameplay is pretty varied and ultimately this game shouldnt be missed by all...
  13. dark_heartless_riku

    Should I buy a playstation move for Bioshock Infinite?

    I'm thinking it might be a worthy investment especially if Sony keeps pushing move on some developers next gen. I can get both controllers and the camera for $65.
  14. dark_heartless_riku

    Wii U Chat could be getting some upgrades! Us folk at Nintendo Enthusiast are dying for multi user chat that would be great!
  15. dark_heartless_riku

    What happend to Pikmin 3?

    We all assumed Pikmin 3 would be coming out around March a couple of months ago. Since then it seems Nintendo has delayed the game and has added new graphical touches out of nowhere seen in the last Nintendo Direct. Do you think it was delayed to save face time for March titles or is there...
  16. dark_heartless_riku

    Post your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo Impressions!

    I had a really fun time playing this demo and I will keep going over each weapon to see whats best. I admit I havent beaten Plesioth yet but I probably will soon enough. I'm glad I have you guys to have my back for when this game comes out!
  17. dark_heartless_riku

    Do you think X will be shown at E3?

    I have a feeling we might not see X for awhile and it wont show up until another Nintendo Direct some day in the far future. It would make sense to show X during E3 to help get the name out there since E3 is the closest to a mainstream gaming event you can get but I dont know. Do you think the...
  18. dark_heartless_riku

    Do you think Persona 5 might come to Wii U?

    Due to the recent collaboration with Atlus with Shinmegami Tensei x Fire Emblem do you think this will lead to good relations with Atlus to bring Persona 5 over? I dont know how many of you have played the series but you have probably noticed how popular its been getting over the years. This is...
  19. dark_heartless_riku

    Do you think the Wara Wara Plaza will lead to increased game sales?

    This can be a very good thing for Developers. I see post on the Warra Warra plaza of people asking the community if they should buy a certain game or not like Zombie U for example. "Should I buy Zombie U or not? I saw the game got some low scores but wanted to ask the community." With many...
  20. dark_heartless_riku

    Games you want Nintendo to create for Wii U

    This can be a new IP, Genre or a nice twist on an established franchises. So come in and post some imaginary scenarios no matter how unlikely they are to happen. I would personally love if more JRPG's the likes of Xenoblade can be created for Wii U then having to wait for one big Monolithsoft...