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    Activision: "You Can't Count Nintendo Out For the Long Term"

    and so the slippery slope begins. Pull support after gimped ports with missing modes. Some Nintendo fans look at these situation and say they will never support these companies again. Look at Ubisoft, how many people have you seen recently say they will not buy an ubisoft game again...
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    Pokken Tournament Confirmed

    called it, didnt think it would be just in arcades though, the smart move would be to release it on the wii u as well, just like tank tank tank.
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    Cubemen 2 Allows for Wii U and PC Cross Platform Online Play

    I really hope more devs do cross play, seems like something mainly indie devs are doing,
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    Toys R' Us: Get Wii U With Skylanders for $249.99

    good deal, to bad I already own the white wii u and the mk8 bundle, been saving up to get a Wind Waker bundle to leave sealed though
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    Nintendo Fan Mathematically Challenges Ubisoft's Statement "Wii U Owners Don't Want Mature Games"

    my biggest problem is the sheer bs the ubisoft is doing and saying. Like in the video, if they said that because of the lower install base not enough units were being sold of M titles ,they were not going to release any M titles until that user base grows, I would understand that. But by lying...
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    Hyrule Warriors Pushing Wii U Hardware/Software Sales in Japan

    EVERYONE WII U FAN, BUY THIS GAME, BAYONETTE 2, and DEVILS THIRD TO SHOW BS THIRD PARTIES HOW TO SELL GAMES TO NINTENDO FANS. plus I imagine if Hyrule warriors sell decent Tecmo is release Fatal Frame WW
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    Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don't Buy Assassin's Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

    your right you know, Watch Dogs on Wii U will be lucky to sell 200k. mainly because people like myself will refuse to buy it because of ubisoft's treatment to us(I might be it from a used bargin section for under 20 in the future but forget paying 60 for it). Also they will just secret...
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    Pokemon Company to Reveal "Shocking" New Project on August 26th

    Pokken or pokemon plus or minus ???
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    Retro Studios Hiring Several New Positions

    could be numerous different things, im hopeing for an announcement soon from them, and i feel it is time for a nintendo direct soon as in now- se't
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    Yacht Club Games: "Wii U Has Very High Game Attach Rate"

    ummmm ridiculous, put effort in a game, dont gimp features, dont treat nintendo owners as scond class citizens and your game sells? i dont believe. btw i think he is right about the attach rate. i own over 30 disc games plus over 20 dl games
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    Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don't Buy Assassin's Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

    screw ubisoft, straight up, with all the bs over the pass year they have joined EA on my boycott list
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    Citizens of Earth Delayed, Price Announced

    to me personally, a game like being delayed one month is nothing, I would rather they take a month and fix any bugs, add content, or whatever the delay is for then release it before it was ready, Now if they announced the Hyrule warriors is delayed in the US till October then that would be...
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    EXCLUSIVE: New Info on 3DS Indie Title Battle Miner

    Over a year later no sign of minecraft, so indies make a minecraft clone with new, original ideas, I imagine this will sell well to fill the minecraft void
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    RUMOR: Big "Remastered" Game Coming to Wii U in 2015

    nintendo has literally a ton classic games to remaster, i dont mind a remastered game every year or two
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    Petition: Name an NPC In the New Zelda Game After Robin Williams

    signed it, hopefully this happens
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    X-Type+ Review

    for 3 bucks what you got to lose , just like the letter at .5
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    Target Has a Strange 2DS Sale Starting August 17th; Also Offering a Wii U Sale

    that's a good deal on the Wii U , as for the 2ds, your right, might as well just go to Wal-Mart where they are 99.99 a piece, ends up being cheaping when you buy 2
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    The Score: Are You Sold on Hyrule Warriors?

    YES,im sold. Already have it halfway paid off on a pre-order. Im hoping this sells well. I imagine if at least a million copies sell or close to it, they might extend the life of the game by adding DLC characters. Im hoping at least but if not, im fine with what already been announced.
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    New Hyrule Warriors Info, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Donkey Kong 94 Rules - Week in Review 8/9/14

    hyrule warriors looks sweet, im getting it day one for sure