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  1. RareUser

    MK9 Predictions: Items

    All MK8 items are here, but the Crazy 8 turns into a Mythical 9. Same function, but with 9 items instead of 8. Fake Item Box. Mega Mushroom. POW Block. Leaf. Special Crown: during a 15-second interval, all your opponents will get attracted to bananas as if they were magnets. The attraction range...
  2. RareUser

    MK9 Predictions: Characters

    Same roster as in MK8, but: New characters: Pauline, Baby Pauline, Steve (from Minecraft), Funky Kong, Birdo, Honey Queen and Wiggler.
  3. RareUser

    All MK9 Retro Track Predictions

    Shell Cup: Wii Luigi's Circuit. N64 Choco Mountain. DS Yoshi Falls. Wii U Water Park. GBA Snow Land. Banana Cup: 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar. Wii U Twisted Mansion. Wii DK Summit. GCN Waluigi Stadium. GBA Shy Guy Beach. Leaf Cup: Wii U Electrodrome. 3DS Maka Wuhu. SNES Vanilla Lake 2. DS Shroom...
  4. RareUser

    Fanmade Game Episode - Mario Da Perzhon: Encounter with the Baby Princesses

    Mario and Luigi travel to the past in this part of the game, and see all 3 baby princesses. Despite they are babies, Baby Peach, Baby Pink, Baby Daisy and Baby Pink Gold Peach have teen-like hobbies and know how to talk, walk, read, write, calculate, etc. Baby Rosalina (the youngest according to...
  5. RareUser

    My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Special Cup

    Let's change a little bit and put BOWSER'S CASTLE as the opener of the Special Cup. This time it will have a lot of lasers. It will also bring Thwomps back. Ghost staff: Bowser. ATLANTIS is the second course. The image describes almost everything, because you'll enter the Nautilus! Ghost staff...
  6. RareUser

    My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Blooper Cup

    This nitro cup is new and placed between Star Cup and Special Cup. DELFINO MALL is the Grand Prix opener. Similar to Wii Coconut Mall. Ghost staff: Lakitu. LOST QUARTZ TEMPLE goes in the second place. It's the most mysterious nitro track in the game without contest, and also the hardest. Even...
  7. RareUser

    My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Star Cup

    VR ARCADE is the first track of the cup. It's basically a VR arcade, with a programmation room. Ghost staff: Rosalina. HELLISH MANSION comes next. It's a haunted mansion with Boos, but this time that spooky mansion has a gothic touch. When you get out of the mansion you'll encounter something...
  8. RareUser

    My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Flower Cup

    The cup opener is ROY'S CAVE HOUSE. Like all the house-based tracks, you begin it right in front of the entrance. The house is pretty modern. It also features a huge palace-like garden at the lap end. Ghost staff: Roy. MOUNT OLYMPUS will be the second track of this cup. It will have sections...
  9. RareUser

    My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Mushroom Cup

    First of all. Each cup will have 5 tracks and not 4. WARIO'S CIRCUIT will be the cup opener. Nothing special here xd. Ghost staff: Wario. The next track will be LUIGI'S CIRCUIT. It's a circuit based on sunset, and much more beautiful than Wario's circuit. Also it has a Thwomp in the middle...