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  1. beanboy

    Space War Arena

    Aye, cool!
  2. beanboy

    Question about researching resident evil on nintendo

    This thread caught my attention. A Resident Evil on NES? Bootleg or fanmade, all I can say is, wow! That is impressive.:eek:
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    Unknown Games Discussion

    Fun topic.:) Check out an underrated classic adventure game, called Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm. It was even released on the dreamcast console too. If you are a fan of 3d Zelda games, you might like this one.
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    Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic

    I know this thread is old, but here is my thoughts. Old Sonic is nice, but I like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 hero dude Sonic.:cool:
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    Companies that recently stated that are "moving to mobile" or "focusing on mobile".

    Interesting discussion. I doubt that all companies will ditch consoles, to make games exclusively for mobile devices. That would be a bad move businesswise. The smart move would be to make some games for consoles, and some for mobile devices. Also, the games and types of games available on the...
  6. beanboy

    Future of Batteries?

    Solar powered nintendo switch. The possibilities.:cool:
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    P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

    The soundtrack in this game is really nice. I was listening to some of the tracks sometime last week.
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    Capcom vs. Snk 2 (gamecube etc)

    So did anyone here, enjoy playing Capcom vs. Snk 2, especially the one released on the gamecube? Me, I had alot of fun playing it. And despite the layout of the buttons on the gamecube control pad, I was still able to pull off hadoken's and other special moves. And despite what some critics...
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    Interresting Sega Saturn games?

    No mention of the famous cross over fighting games?:eek: Check out X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter. Both saturn versions are close to the arcade version's, unlike the playstation ports. So playing the saturn versions, was like literally playing the arcade...
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    Star Twins aka. Jet Force Gemini.:cool:
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    What Went Wrong With The Gamecube?

    Yeah, and because of the toy lunch box appearance, the executives at Sony, for some strange reason, loved calling it a kids toy. But me, I had alot of fun with my gamecube and the cool games on it, like P.N.03 and Metroid Prime 1. As for the PlayStation 2, alot of the games on it were way to...
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    Sony's At It Again!!! Copies Smash Brothers...

    After reading this, it makes alot of sense. This is not the first time I heard this. I remember Maximillian Dood, mentioning this as well at one point, on his yovideogames channel, when one of his fans, asked him about the history of smash, evo and sonys strange bias against Smash and Virtua...
  13. beanboy

    P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

    @mattavelle1 Yeah, it is a really nice yet interesting game. A super rare gem. I definitely recommend to anyone to play it.
  14. beanboy

    P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

    So many years ago, during the gamecube days, I bought myself alot of gamecube games, and I bought a copy of P.N.03 which I still have to this day. And I had alot of fun playing it. When I first played it, I found the visuals in the game to be really nice, it looked so cg like. But as I passed...
  15. beanboy

    EAST vs WEST - RPG's....

    I'm not a big rpg fan. But for me, rpg's from the East definitely take the win. The stories in them are mostly pleasant (well the ones I played that is), light hearted, silly in some places but okay, and the combat in jrpgs are a bit more natural and refined. Even the ones with turn based combat...
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    What is the best Star Wars game of all time?

    Rogue Squadron 2 and 3 on gamecube, and Star Wars Episode 1 Racer.:cool:
  17. beanboy

    What's the deal with tier list?

    Me being someone who has been playing fighting games since I was 11 years old, I have realised that tier lists is something, you shouldn't take too seriously. Take them as a grain of salt. Some games like for example, fighting games like Tekken and SF5, might need a tier list. But I have noticed...
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    Started playing PC

    Me, I like gaming on PC and laptop too. But I've noticed, that there are certain games, that feel more suitable to play on a PC, than on console. The same in reverse. But for me, I would rather game more on a console, than a PC. I guess I am a console gamer at heart. And though I am not a big...
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    Lets Learn Japanese

    One good thing about learning Japanese, is that you can buy and play Japanese region releases, or rare Japanese releases, that will never come to other parts of the world, and understand what the characters in the game are saying.
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    Samurai Shodown (switch version/DLC questions) and fun questions

    Aye, Cham Cham and her boomerang, are back in Samsho. Cool!:cool: