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  1. DarkKevit

    Wind Waker HD issue.

    Hello my friends , I am hoping one of you fine people can help me with a game breaking issue I seem to have. So,I decided to replay TWW and have been loving it all over again, I have got to the point where I have finished the Earth Temple with Medli, and I have to go and awaken Makar as a Sage...
  2. DarkKevit

    problems since update

    Hi guys, since the update to the OS a couple of days ago my Wii u startup screen (Wara Wara Plaza) is showing the first run screen and not the live screen with the current games. My internet connection is good on the console, online play is fine ( I am a Black Tie Queen in Splatoon). I have...
  3. DarkKevit

    Double Fine date The Cave for WiiU

    Twitter its on PSN and the WiiU eShop on Jan 22nd, and XBLA and Steam on the 23rd. It looks very good to me.
  4. DarkKevit

    Positive sales news from Bloomberg!

    Just posting this from Bloomberg to try and counter all the ridiculous doom and gloom crap that seems to be spreading like some sort of sick Anti-Nintendo virus. Most thinking people, especially here, thank God, realise that the console is off to a good start when compared to any other modern...
  5. DarkKevit

    2 Nintendo games in Time Top 10 of 2012

    As it says in the title, Nintendo scored 2 games in the Time magazines top 10 of 2012 list. I know this is Wii not WiiU related but we have no Wii forum. The 2 games in question are The Last Story and Xenoblade. TLS is at number 7 and Xenoblade makes an impressive number 2. Its a bit of a...
  6. DarkKevit

    Geia sas filoi mou!

    Which is Greek for 'Hello my friends', heh, I am desperately trying to learn the language having lived on the beautiful island of Crete for 4 years, and still struggling with it. I think its probably my age, sigh, which seems to make everything take a little longer than it used to. (This is...