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  1. TechnoHobbit

    The Unofficial Thread Of Free Games

    Over on the IGN PC Forum there is this awesome thread, - The PC Freebies Thread - created and maintained by Alexaras1991 (kudos). I've benefited a ton from the thread and have gotten at least 20 games for free I otherwise would have missed due to it, so I figured I should spread the benefits to...
  2. TechnoHobbit

    The Official Super Mario Maker Thread âš  Share your levels!

    Welcome to the Super Mario Maker Super Thread! Here you can discuss the game, share tips and tricks, share levels, and comment on others levels. Tips and Tricks: You can speed up the delivery of new items by spamming blocks in the Maker mode. Make sure you've used at least one of every item as...
  3. TechnoHobbit

    ✰ TechnoHobbit's 1K Thread ✰

    It took me long enough, but I finally reached 1,000 posts! So yeah. Congratz me :mthumb::msilly:. Feel free to ask me anything you want. I'll try answering and I might edit it into the OP as well.
  4. TechnoHobbit

    Thought/Reactions on a Virtual Console Subscription Service?

    The rumors have been pointing to it (started in part by this very site--TNE--I might add), Nintendo considered having a subscription-based model for it back in early 2006, and that now the industry is moving towards Subscription Services (EA Access and soon PS Now, as well as Gold and PS+), it...
  5. TechnoHobbit

    Steel Diver: Sub Wars is Surprisingly Fun

    I wasn't expecting much from it since it's F2P and... well.. Steel Diver, but the online mode is pretty fun. And hey, while chatting in morris code is slow it's a step in the right direction :P Anyone else have early thoughts on the game?
  6. TechnoHobbit

    [Wii U] Awesome Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Trailer from Nintendo Direct 10.01.13 I had any doubts about 3D World being awesome.... they are gone now.
  7. TechnoHobbit

    [NINTENDO] Sonic Lost Worlds Debut Trailer far it looks really good, with SMQ-like gameplay (HYPPPPEEEEE!!!). Plus it looks like the game is pretty far in development (again HHHYYYPPPPEEEEEEE!). Now lets hope the Sonic Cycle will be broken once again [-O<
  8. TechnoHobbit

    PS4 Announcement Teased?

    So as I'm sure most of you know Sony posted this on YouTube: Thoughts? I'm somewhat excited it being a new console and all.
  9. TechnoHobbit

    Hello Friends

    Welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your stay Edit: Well this is interesting.... glitches usually are....
  10. TechnoHobbit

    NPD-In US First Week The Wii U sales over 425K and NSMBU sales over _!

    We already knew the Wii U sold "over 400,000", but now Wii know some more detailed sales info, NPD Group says: Following its launch on Nov. 18 and with only seven days of sales captured in the data, Wii U sold more than 425,000 units, nearly matching the Wii system’s first-week total of...
  11. TechnoHobbit

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Was Released One Year Ago Today!

    As of Today, it's been one year since--my favorite game of all time--Skyward Sword was released in North America! Here's some Q's to help us celebrate: What are you doing to celebrate? I'm going start playing the Hero Mode! What did you think of the game? And what score do you give it? In my...
  12. TechnoHobbit

    It's a-me, TechnoHobbit!

    Hi everyone! Not really sure what to say here, I guess I'll just say some facts about myself: I come from the IGN Boards, I started posting on ?May 25th?, 2012 and have 1,679 post over there. I own a PC, Wii, 3DS, Atari 2600, and ColecoVision. I want to get a Wii U, a Dreamcast, a N64, a...