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    ~~ Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Discussion ~~

    I'll be on later. But first...Mr. @Koenig Your router settings: http://MyRouter login with admin On the left, Click ADVANCED SETUP link Click NAT Click DMZ host enter in the box and click save/apply and confirm. Click reboot if it asks you if you'd like to reboot. If it doesn't...
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    Jack Tretton steps down as SCEA CEO

    Calling names? It's the typical instant response on any sony forum if you mention anything non-sony or you make a comment slightly critical of sony. It's like a witch entered the room. 8-X "Why can't we be friends" plays in the background I still can't believe what happened after I asked if ps3...
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    [Multi] New Assassin's Creed games leaked

    You misunderstood as usual. I was not talking about any particular type of support, just a semi-tongue in cheek comment about support in general in relation to 3rd party, which is a relevant fact that is related to the overall picture of how support is viewed in total. Pay attention in school, bro.
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    [Multi] New Assassin's Creed games leaked

    But Nintendoom. It's a tradition to bash Nintendo and hype your "cooler" console. You know, Nintendo isn't the one with Bayonetta 2, X, Smash... oh wait... Nintendo fans don't go bashing and gloating nearly as much. I can't wait to see the internet on fire come Bayo2 release day...
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    [Multi] New Assassin's Creed games leaked

    they are focusing on the higher end in the same way Ubi is doing with Watch_Dogs. All consoles will have most franchises represented this year with this type of "focus"...
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    [Multi] New Assassin's Creed games leaked

    ACIII is not bad at all as a game, especially since it has in some ways even better GamePad support than BF. The modern day scenarios and glitches do tarnish the game, but it remains worth a shot if you can find a cheap U copy. If you don't mind the time period of the early days of America and...
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    Some come To Serve Man...
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    Don't expect another patch for Batman: Arkham Origins

    Just a quick not for people entering this thread or unaware of the situation. That last statement is misleading. The DLC wasn't cancelled as a whole. Only the method of buying a "season pass" to get it in packs.
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    He's not getting the game on xbox. He's just getting the xbox one controller. xbox one controllers will actually work on PC officially soon. @LightsaberBlues that's a nice headset!
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    From cinemablend: wii u edram bandwidth could be 563.2GB/s or more

    How much is used internally and how much the supply draws are two different things.
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    Titanfall Beta runs at native ’792p’ resolution on Xbox One, may increase with final build

    Of course, it's a PC game. But, it runs fairly and looks similar on teh One. Eurogamer/DF just want to make it seem worse than it is to get clicks. The bigger problem here is that MS used the PC versions visuals to hype the hell out of the game to sell the console.
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    Yoshi's Island 3DS Discussion

    Yoshi fall
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    Bayonetta Bloody Fate & Bayonetta 2:The Future of Cereza

    preorder this and get $10 gift card
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    I will get this on PC later this year. Some patches will make it even better.
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    Want to come see me?

    Wii U: So outdated and old, you can find it in a museum! ps4 is so totally rad, you can only find it in the future. On a more serious note, that was not only a good place to show off Wii U, but also nice work doing the showing, telling, and recording.
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    From cinemablend: wii u edram bandwidth could be 563.2GB/s or more

    Story of Wii U porting by large pubs.