A little something I do for fun


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Wanted to showcase a little something I do as a hobby, for the past two years or so, I've been using 3DS Max 2011, rigging 3D models from other games and inserting them into my copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl, to replace characters with ones I've always wanted in the game itself. It's been a grueling process, learning the ins and outs of having to rig the model to skeletons, weighting the vertices so that animations work as smoothly as possible and in the end, having some awesomely-rigged character that are professional looking when played in Brawl!

What are among the characters I've imported with the help of 3DS Max? These include characters from Rampage Total Destruction, Star Fox Adventures, Final Fantasy Dissidia, just to name a few. And no worries, I spoke to an admin about posting pictures pertaining to game modding, so long as I don't provide links on where to get these or how to install them, it's perfectly all right :D I think it's cool what can be done with modding!

First pics: General Scales from Star Fox Adventures, including recolored textures! He was imported over Wolf.

What do you guys think? :cool: