Actor and Nintendo Fan Robin Williams Dead at Age 63

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Actor and Nintendo Fan Robin Williams Dead at Age 63

Actor Robin Williams was best known in the 1990's for a string of hit movies that both children and adults could enjoy, after being a stand-up comedian for many years. Whether he was the Genie in Aladdin, trying to win his kids back in Mrs. Doubtfire, or battling Captain Hook as Peter Pan, Robin Williams was a great comedic mind that will be missed for his contributions in movies.

Robin Williams was also a Nintendo fan. His daughter, Zelda Williams, was named after Zelda from the Legend of...
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But is it Nintendo difficult?
Very sad news. The part at the end is very appropriate, hopefully this helps someone out there, I've seen the number given in several articles I've seen tonight.


The Architect
Very depressing news. Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors and always left me in a good mood after watching the films he was in. (Well, most of them)