AiRace Speed (3DS) Official Thread


I am happy to inform you that AiRace Speed is available today in America, Europe and Australia!

Download it from the eShop for 4,99$, 4,99€ or £4,49 and let your Nintendo 3DS™ discover the true meaning of speed and adrenaline.
There was before a thread where I answered questions on the game:
But now I prefer to create a brand new one with only updated information.

Take speed to a whole new level and enjoy a new gaming experience:
• Fly extreme speeds across 18 adrenaline-fuelled tracks
• Take control of 5 futuristic jets powered with advanced technology
• High-performance graphics and immersive 3D effects
• Compete against fellow competitors around the world in online leaderboards
• Good replay value with special achievements to be unlocked
• Third game of the successful and highly rated AiRace series

Check out gameplay footage in this stunning trailer:

Below some game screenshots:

I will be happy to read your reactions and answer all your questions about AiRace Speed and our studio QubicGames!


Videogame Sound Designer and Composer
My impressions thus far:
[list type=decimal][*]It is SUPER fast. That is awesome!![*]Framerate is solid even with 3D on which is crucial for a game like this.Controls feel great! When I started playing I realised it was going to be really tough using the circle pad (because it's so small) but it's surprisingly easy to use[/list type=decimal]
I'm really loving it. It's one of those games which can be very challenging if you want it to be. You can cruise through the level and get a not-so-good time, or take the risk of going seriously fast to aim for the quickest time possible.
Great idea being able to continue from where you if you crash. It lets you play casually and/or try and learn the level a bit more.
My only criticism so far is with the audio - but I work as a sound designer for games so it's the only thing I feel I can really offer advice for! The music is great, but the UI audio, the ship's engine audio and non-lethal collisions aren't quite up to the same standard. It's not that they're bad, but I think the sound design could have used some more attention in order to have UI sounds with clearer intention, and more awesome, fatter sounding ships.
Still, that's not enough to detract from how good the gameplay is. It's a real blast to play and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for some (really) fast, thrilling racing :)


Running_in_Jam is a big hotshot sound designer now at a AAA studio, so it may be hard to keep up with his standards on a less generous budget. :D

A demo for AiRace Speed is available today for download in America, Australia and Europe!

The demo features three high-speed tracks to provide you with a glimpse of the whole new gaming experience you can expect from AiRace Speed.

The game, priced at $4.99, 4,99€ and £4,49, is already regarded by many critics as one of the best racing games from the 3DS eShop.

If you haven't purchased the game yet, you can now download the demo for free and let your Nintendo 3DS discover the true meaning of speed and adrenaline!

Watch this new adrenaline-fueled gameplay trailer:

If you have any questions or reactions, please feel free to leave a comment right here.
Hi everybody,
I'm pleased to inform you that the price of AiRace Speed is temporarily $2,99/2,99€/£2,69 instead of 4,99/4,49.
This promotional offer is available from the Nintendo 3DS eShop until 6th February in America and 13th February in Europe.
Played the demo and really liked it. I'll buy the full version either today or tomorrow. Would you consider developing games for the Wii U or are you going 3Ds only at the moment?
Nice! I'm still not finished with the existing levels in AiRace Speed lol. Btw, Speed has an AWESOME sense of speed haha. Just wanted to say lol.