amazing new type of advanced joystick assembly

I believe I have been given a couple of amazing gifts for
all you video game enthusiast.

ONE is the design for a next
generation joystick that detects motion in all three axis's, as well as
detecting rotations in all three axis's at

TWO is the a 3D virtual reality
games room, which not only gives you four walls of video, but the ceiling and
floor also have videos projected on them.

You are held in the center of the room by four cables
going from your belt to each corner.

you are
standing on a mat of ball bearings, so that you can walk or run in place, while
the screen moves around you accordingly

this can be found at

I believe in the Writings of the
Bible, Mathew 10:8 “freely ye have received, freely give ”

so I wish to give these ideas freely, without having to pay
for patent fees

I read somewhere that if you published something, but did
not choose to patent it for yourself, that this would leave it open for
everyone to freely use it, without having to pay patent fees.

Your Bro,

. . joe

[email protected]