anyone whants to play one of the following games ?

We have an official Steam thread, I'll add your ID to the thread. I'm too interested in those games. APB okay as a free game, but I can't see why I would play it if I have GTA or Saints Row.


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I've played the Hawken beta, it was a lot of fun. If I get back into it I'll let you know.


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I am terrible at Team Fortress. I hope we never play together Asuch.

Only joking! It would be super fun. But seriously I am awful...
i play tf2 everyday so ^-^ you welcome to play with me. and everyone is terriable at first. you gotta find a combat style and weapon layout and char personality that fits you :p


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Tera is on the top of my list ( with Crysis 3 PC version ) when I will have a gaming PC.
Hopefully before the end of the year.
Tera is just a over hyped game like WoW that has more polularity then it deserves. when there's much better games out there. but i do understand some of the apeal it has to consual gamers since u can use a xbox controller to play <.<