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I adore baseball, well then again cause of my birthplace I kinda have to lol. My dad played professional for Cuba and he tried getting me into it. I am not too good at it lol, but I love watching it.


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I'm usually not someone to follow baseball unless I'm actually at the game, and even then I'm really only there because other friends of mine are attending. Otherwise, I would never go out of my way to watch a baseball game. I normally find it rather boring compared to football, and even Basketball (which I'm also not the biggest fan of).

That being said, the Brewers were doing pretty well for a while until they started losing all these games in a row. What's interesting is Papa John's was having a promo where the day after every game the Brewers won, you would get a large pizza for half off. Not a bad deal especially if you want a lot of food for cheap and it's not too shabby. I'll just make sure to stick with thin crust and screw the normal stuff.


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I like how relaxing baseball is. Most of the team sports have that adrenaline all the time, but baseball is that kind of sport that lets you chat and eat some fast food while you wait for the next batter. Plus, I like all the old traditions of baseball.

This ASG was the last Derek Jeter all-star game. It was an unique night.

St. Louis cards fan here. Now I'm not the biggest basefan, but I do enjoy it.

Been loving the college World Series. GO VANDERBILT!!! (Nashville is close to me)
I've never watched a college game nor Nippon Professional Baseball. I'd like to watch some Japanese games.