Bayonetta Bloody Fate & Bayonetta 2:The Future of Cereza


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So the movie just came out and I have to say, its the TITS.Gonzo did an absolutely fantastic job with it. You should watch it if you get the chance

You know, if Platinum's not gonna port the first game before the second comes, they should release the movie with the game in like a pre-order bundle of some sort. That'd be nice lol.

But I do wonder if Nintendo and Sega will come together on a WiiU Bayonetta:Dead Angels Edition (Lawl)

It makes me curious for what they have in mind with regards to the future of the series. I heard before that they partnered with Nintendo because they wanted to expand the series future, I wonder what they meant with that( I dont quite remember where I heard it) perhaps that means a third game could be on the table if they have any ideas for it.

Well moving on from that, I love how purple Bayonetta 2 is, I always felt the first game was slightly removed from being a black and white film with how they did the graphics and the pre-baked lighting. Cutscenes would look like they were made out of porcelain.

The gameplay looks so smooth as well, the combat and flow of the game, looks even faster than before(especially the boss battles),I like the new elements they added to the combat as well with the umbran climax's. She even dodges differently XD she animates oh so smoothly, just look at her walk!

Oh and I need someone who transforms in Smash. Tiki,Sveta,Panne,Bayonetta dont care,It needs to happen. Period!!


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I think Platinum knew going into the deal that not only would Nintendo help fund this game, but also pave way for any future Bayonetta titles. It's possible Bayonetta could become a Nintendo franchise.


I think Bayonetta 2 will see a big push, Nintendo will wan't people to get this game. The bundle you mentioned Laer would be a good way to do this, along with advertising. And I want the first game on eShop, I never played it and neither have a lot of Nintendo players!


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That'd be grand. Nintendo really needs more hack and slash games in their lineup and now they have two

I wonder if people will like the first game as much. The combat's there but the pacings a little slower, boss fights are more QTE'ey

But for other people the game might be too hectic for them ahhaah XD


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Hectic? Have you seen some parts of W101? Hundreds of characters flying all over the place? Yes, that's Platinum vs. Platinum, but still. Both franchises under Nintendo? Woah.


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I really like this interview from GamaSutra

Going Platinum: Bayonetta 2, combat design and the Nintendo angle

There are 3 pages
Bayo2 is looking amazing, easily most anticipated Wii U title aside from SSB for me.And you know, I think it will sell pretty well. The outburst caused on the internet because of the existence of this game wasn't for nothing.And if Wii U also got the first Bayonetta, Bayo2 sales would be even higher, because many people are holding off getting Bayo2 until they get to play the first.


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^No way that release date is real.

Going Platinum: Bayonetta 2, combat design and the Nintendo angle

Good find. Loved this part on page three:

Do you find you can have the freedom that you had dreamed of when you started this company?

Atsushi Inaba:
I wouldn't say, necessarily, that it was freedom that we wanted -- it was just that we found the industry to be in a situation where the same type of games were coming out, and there was a lot of repetition, and other companies were continuing to bring out sequels to the same games. And what we were looking for was to create impactful, unique titles that would be an inspiration to the industry. We also wanted to create a place where there were other creators and game designers who wanted to achieve the same goals.
Also, it's not a Bayonetta .gif-fest without these.