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shave enthusiast had it's time.... but now it is time for a change

whether elaborate

or borrowed

beards make the world a better place... so let us celebrate them

Beard, out


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The longest I've been without shaving was about 2-3 months, not sure exactly. My beard got about 2/3 as big as yours, which I'll have to say isn't so shabby. Problem is, I never really put time into figuring out how to make a beard look really good on me, yet I know the clean shave makes me look awful.
So, it would be good to get some tips on how to develop a majestic beard.


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I can't grow a beard. All I ever get is patchy stubble on my chin/upper lip.

The last time the Eagles made a playoff run and grew playoff beards, I decided not to shave, either.

No one noticed the difference.
>Be me, 15 at the time>Be a French frog from Canada>Have a big ass underage Arab beard>Schedule a trip to the US>Have a big ass underage Arab beard>Shave dat to look less Arab>mfw I almost look Canadian>mfw it's not better>Get to Chicago's airport>mfw big fat security agent smelling like donut and acne yells at me>ohwtfwhatdoido.gif>mfw I realise my name is Arab and that I got a strong accent.>get reckt.