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I've been sitting here playing through some of the new challenges in Runner (amongst other things) and i have to say, no other game for a long time has had me grinning so much, laughing so much (occasionaly maniacally), or simply enjoying the pure thrill of the awsomeness of gaming. I can't believe how tight the gameplay is in this game. The new challenges are off-the-charts-insane for difficulty/fiendishness and creativity, and the 6 original games are all present and correct (and if i'm not mistaken, ever so slightly improved) and now come with ONLINE LEADERBOARDS WOOP! and 3 difficulty levels. THIS is what gaming is about used to be about. Should still be about. This is one of the greatest games of the generation. This is incomprehensibly only £15 for a brand new release on Amazon...


I have to agree that it probably does have the most addictive gameplay of this generation from a pure gameplay perspective.


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I've played Beat and Flux, I think I played a demo for the rail-shooter though...

I plan on getting the 3DS version, but it saddens me that the extra content isn't included (as far as I'm aware)