Black Knight: Playable Characters

Hey guys, I am deciding to show the pros and cons between the two playable characters: Victor and Esther


Health: B
Attack: A+
Defense: C
Speed: B-
Stance: A
Range: B+

Victor's playstyle is hardcore slashing enemies and not much platforming, traditional hack and slash gameplay.

Victor has excellent attack and has more combos than Esther. He may have high health, but his defense is rather lackluster. Despite his low defense, he has a very high pain tolerance (Stance) and he will not get knocked back very easily or stagger so much when taking a heavy hit. His range is also better than Esther as he wields projectile attacks and his scythe has wide coverage to slash enemies. His only reliable way of defending is dodging left and right, but his speed is decent at best, so time them right. Another plus is that Victor can transform into a much more powerful berserker form when his spirit gauge is filled up while Esther has no such transformation. Lastly, One hit KO attacks are half as effective on Victor and it will not kill him.


Health: C+
Attack: B
Defense: A
Speed: A+
Stance: C-
Range: B-

Esther is not so focused on beating up enemies and she is more focused on speed based platforming, similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Esther may have pretty mediocre health, but she has good defense to back it up with her shield. Her attacks are decent, but not as good as Victors and her range of attacks seems to be lacking since she is only using a shield and sword to attack, but she can call upon several holy creatures to attack at the cost of some combo crystals. She does not have as many combos as Victor, and her weakest aspect is her stance. A lot of attacks will cause Esther to stutter a bit and even big attacks can knock her back like crazy. Her strongest aspect however is her speed. She excels at running from point A to point B very quickly and she can use this speed to slice up enemies at the speed of light.

She has more elements that attribute to platforming though. The faster you make Esther run, the higher she jumps, making it easy to jump over wide chasms or trying to get to high places. She can reach top speeds using her shield charge. Shield charge is when you hold the B button and let Esther charge up some speed. The longer you hold, the faster she will run when you let go of the button. She will dash with incredible speeds and her shield will knock away anything in her path. Here is an example:

Well, that is what I have in stock for these characters. How do you like them? Please comment.


I'm finding it difficult to imagine levels where these two can coexist. Esther's jumping ability seems kind of broken and would have to have some pretty specific areas built around that ability. In fact, that sounds like its own game really.
I mean, these two are exclusive to their own unique levels. Esther's levels are built to be much wider to let her make use of her shield charge dash while Victor's is not so much and more focus of slashing enemies. Think of her levels like Sonic 06's level design.

I mean, Sonic 06 is an awful game, but it had great level design that gave you speedy exploration and some sections had beat em up elements to them. Then again, dont you think the shield charge is broken also?


Well I havent found any Sonic game enjoyable on any level, so its not for me to judge.
As for the shield charge, I'd have to see it in context. Right now it all sounds pretty OP, which is not a bad thing so long as the combat is fun and extensive.
DIdnt you see the gif above? I guess I should remove Shield charge though, Esther already seems to be overpowering Victor in so many ways 0_o