Black Knight Story

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Chapter 1:
Victor was a chosen hero for this century's demon waves. Demon waves first began when the first original first hero sealed away the great demon Astaroth for 3000 years. The hero used up all his power and left behind the goddess blade, which would be wielded again and again from century to century. When the great demon king was sealed away, the seal also affected hell as well, with its duration lasting for 100 years instead of 3000. Every now and then, the goddess blade would choose a hero that would seal up hell again for another 100 years, it is a never ending war.

For this century, Victor was chosen at birth by the goddess blade. His prestigious family wanted him to be even greater than the original hero, so they strictly forced him to take extra lessons and train even harder with Calvin. Calvin is the guardian angel of Victor who mentors him in various lessons of how to use the Goddess Blade yet he is the most caring person Victor has met in his life. However, Victor's life turned for the worst one day.
It happened when Victor was in the town square, sparring with Calvin with several townspeople watching. The two fought fiercely and all out at each other, but it was interrupted when a large demon rampaged through the town like an angry dragon. The demon was incredibly muscular but skeletal at the same time and it had tough red skin. Its claws were bloodstained from the townspeople it murdered and he had devil wings the size of elephants.

[Victor]: Wait a minute, how can a demon appear even before the Demon Waves have started?
[Calvin]: (Sees it crying out in pain as its flesh starts to melt away and bleeding heavily) Somehow, this demon has gained enough spiritual energy to break past the barrier. But the side effects of crossing the barrier too early are starting to take effect.

The demon turns toward Victor and he comes after him. Calvin tries to fight off the demon, but it smacks him away with a force strong enough to crash into 3 houses, but this results in the demon's arm falling off due to the force it exerted. While chunks of its flesh start falling off, the demon grabs Victor in his grasp and he starts to suck out his soul with its split mandibles wide open. The mission of killing the hero was almost successful, but the demon died due to heavy bleeding. When the demon died, it exploded with flesh and blood flying everywhere and a giant dark purple stream of souls burst out of the demon's corpse. Since Victor is semi-conscious because his soul is partially taken out, the stream of souls fused with Victor's, causing darkness to taint his soul and the Goddess Blade as well, turning it into a scythe with all of its holy power lost.

Victor's soul was tainted with so much darkness, that he went berserk with the chaos and madness the demon's souls contained. Victor grew devil horns and wings and his eyes turned pitch black, with fangs growing out. He then proceeded to have a mass killing spree, slashing the townspeople to death and breaking down buildings. Victor killed almost everyone in the town, including his family and friends. Calvin came to Victor to stop his rampage.

[Calvin]: (Gets up from the debris) Please Master Victor! I beg of you to stop!

Victor runs to Calvin and knocks him off his feet. Then he tries to slash Calvin with his Scythe while he is lying helpless on the ground, but tears roll down his face. His wings and horns fade away and his eyes returned to their normal color, indicating that he has come back to his senses. He falls to his knees and starts to cry.

[Victor]: Calvin... What have I done?
[Calvin]: Master, thank goodness you have come back to your senses.
[Victor]: I killed everyone.... My mother, my father, my friends... I KILLED THEM ALL! The goddess blade is no longer holy... Because of me...
[Calvin]: Master, please do not cry. (Consoles him)
[Victor]: (Pushes Calvin away) Stay away from me, I have a demon inside of me. I am no longer a hero, I am just as useless as a broken sword!
[Calvin]: Please, do not beat yourself up about it.
[Victor]: What are we going to do though? There is no goddess blade now to seal up the hole between the dimensions, the world is doomed all because of me...
[Calvin]: Very well then, if there is no way to seal up the hole, then I guess we can just keep the demon population in check.
[Victor]: Keep killing demons for the rest of our lives?
[Calvin]: Yes Master. Also, about that demon inside of you. I guess I have to train you to learn how to control it.

So, Victor and Calvin live together in a little cabin they built and when the demon waves arrived, they simply killed the demons over and over again to keep the population under control and to minimize casualties. Victor was hated by the villagers even though he is saving them since they call him a disgrace of a hero. But when Victor and Calvin are together, life was not so bad. Over the years, Victor mastered scythe techniques and learned how to tame the demonic soul inside of him
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Chapter 2:
67 years have passed but Victor never aged due to the darkness slowing down Victor's aging process. He was pretty much immortal at this point as well as Calvin since he is an angel. The world seems rather darker than usual, but the two hunted the demons to keep them under control. One day, Victor and Calvin were going to the cursed forest to get rid of a ghost girl rumored to haunt the area.

(At the entrance of the forest)
[Victor]: So this is Rosie's Forest huh?
[Calvin]: (Teleports behind him) I am afraid so Master. I can sense the aura of the ghost here. This area seems to be infested with more demonic energy and her presence feels much more dangerous than I expected. Be careful master, she is constantly hungry.... Very very hungry...
[Victor]: Alright, I will be careful Calvin
(Calvin vanishes)

Level 1: Cursed Forest

You have to climb up the treetops to get past bottomless pits and there are plenty of areas where you can climb up to for secrets. As you go deeper into the dark forest, you start to see the rotting corpses of victims lured in the forest with their eyes being blank white. You eventually see a small book, containing journal entries scattered around the nearby cabins in the darker sections of the forest.

I had my first child here with my wife, it was the best thing that happened in our lives. Nothing would go wrong, I promise I would be the best father in the world.
I named my child Rosie, it was such a pretty name. We used to let her play with the forest creatures like elves and fairies, Rosie was living a happy life.
We were running out of food, so I needed to hunt for animals, but Rosie would not like it since the animals are her friends.
I was so goddamn hungry that I couldn't help myself but kill Boris, Rosie's bear friend and I had a nice meal without letting Rosie know.
Rosie eventually found the necklace she gave to Boris and she figured out that I killed him. Her cries would wake up my wife, so I shut her mouth. She bit my hand and started to scream even louder. I couldn't do anything else but to kill her to shut her up. My wife would find out about this, so I buried the body in the rose garden.
Its all over, Rosie has come back and she killed her mother already in vengeance. I don't want to d (The rest of the entry ripped)

As Victor got to the end of the forest, he could see a little girl in the middle of the circle of trees with giant red orbs of light circling into the sky. She turns her head 180 degrees as she notices Victor. Her face was extremely pale and her face was covered in stitches and her soulless black eyes stared deeply into Victor.

[Girl]: Ring around the Rosie.... A pocket full of posies.... Ashes..... Ashes..... And they all fell down.... (Stitches start to unravel and her grin widens)

(Boss battle: Rosie)
For this battle, Rosie will slowly walk up to you and bite off a chunk of your flesh. You have to attack her once she does a claw attack. Once she has taken enough hits, she will enter phase 2. In phase two, all of Rosie's stitches unravel and her skin on her head peels off like the petals of the flower. Her torso lengthens like a stem and several arms start to grow out of the torso like leaves. Her legs atrophy and she exposes her intestines that dig into the ground like roots.

In the 2nd phase, her claw attack is elongated and she spits acid at you. She is most open when she charges into by running with her root intestines. After you defeat her, she wilts away horrifyingly like an actual flower.

[Calvin]: (Teleports in front of Victor) Alright, lets seal up the evil here and we will be good to go, master.

As Victor and Calvin exit the forest, they hear an explosion coming from the nearby town.

[Victor]: What the hell just happened?
[Calvin]: I don't know, but an army of devils are being attracted towards it! (Points to the sky and sees several demons flying towards that town)
[Victor]: Well, lets get moving then!

When Victor and Calvin arrive, they see several demons murdering the soldiers of this town easily, so Victor has to fight his way through the demons.

Level 2: Burning Town
There is very little platforming, but you have to dodge the debris falling onto you. The demons seem to be carrying flamethrowers, so be wary not to get burned alive. This stage is very short and there is only one miniboss.

As Victor gets to the church, he sees a bunch of demons entering inside. The demons broke the Goddess Crystal off its stand and they go outside where a new wave of demons gather at. The demons then smash the Goddess Crystal and a white shining ball of light comes out of it. The white ball starts to suck all the demons' souls, leaving their corpses lifeless and the ball started to turn black. The ball filled with 500 demon souls flew up into the sky and the dark clouds swallowed it. A giant beam of darkness shoots down from the clouds and destroys the town square, obliterating everything in the blast radius.

Calvin saves Victor at the last moment by creating a forcefield around them for protection. As soon as the dust clears away from the blast, the two see a black pentagram circling on the ground. A person starts to crawl out of the pentagram and he had long black hair with extremely pale skin. His eyes were pitch black and he was very tall, he then smiled maliciously at Victor and Calvin.

[???]: (Cackles loudly) Oh yes... After 5000 goddamned years, I am finally free... (Looks at Victor) Why hello there you two, you might have witnessed the wonderful sacrifice my men made to bring me back.
[Victor]: Your men?
[???]: Indeed... And Victor, it seems that your soul is, how should I say it..... dirtied
[Victor]: Wait, how did you know about that? And how did you know my name?
[???]: (Chuckles) I see and know everything, I am god... Say, that goddamned Goddess Blade seems to also have lost its holy power... You must be a disgrace in my sister's eyes, aren't you?
[Calvin]: Wait a minute sir. You are her brother? Then that means...
[???]: Yes, I am the demon god, Astaroth. Well, Victor... Since you no longer are the hero, why don't you join me?
[Victor]: What the hell are you talking about?
[Astaroth]: Oh you know.... Have you ever felt that you wanted to be rule over others? Have you ever felt you wanted to get back at those who degraded you. If you join me, I can make you a king, you can have anything you want... How does it sound?
[Victor]: You expect me to accept that?
[Astaroth]: What?
[Victor]: I don't want to make people bow down to me as a ruler or kill the innocent, I just want the world to be cleansed of demons.
[Astaroth]: (Smiles darkly) How ignorant of you... You could have chosen to have a better life, but you refused... Very well then, I shall take this world for myself. (Snaps his fingers)

Out in the distance, a giant castle rises out of the pits of hell and rises into the sky with several chains on it. The sky starts to turn even darker and all of the world is shrouded in demonic energy.

[Calvin]: Oh no... This cannot be happening.
[Astaroth]: Oh not yet, young angel... (Levitates in the sky) I have yet to recover my full power and once I do, it shall be the end of the world. This castle signifies how far I am from reaching my full power and once it rises up to heaven, nothing can stop me... (Laughs manically and vanishes)
[Calvin]: Master Victor! We must not let Astaroth recover his whole power! He has powered up his demons all around the world and it will be much harder to keep them down. He is now going to search for more power to engulf the world into oblivion
[Victor]: What should we do then?
[Calvin]: We must kill the elite demons scattered around the world. Every time we kill them, the barrier in Astaroth's castle will weaken until it shatters.

Victor and Calvin see a giant dragon flying towards the mountains.

[Calvin]: That dragon must be one of his elite demons.
[Victor]: Lets get running then


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Chapter 3:

Victor and Calvin arrived at the terminal station and they paid for their tickets to get on the train. As soon as Victor arrives at the mountain, he goes to the mountain with no time to waste.

(Level 3: Gusty Mountain)

In this mountainous level, you have be careful about your platforming as rocks will crumble underneath you and the mountain constantly has landslides. You should also watch out for Minotaurs that try to push you off the edge of the cliffs. The strong winds will blow you back, so try to hide behind rocks to avoid being blown into your death.

When Victor is halfway up the mountain, he hears a loud roar from above him. It was the giant dragon from before and Victor got to see the clear view of it. The 3-eyed dragon had extremely rocky scales and it had 2 pairs of wings on its back as well, making it fly extremely fast. Its tail is spiked with a club on the end like an ankylosaurus and its body is covered in numerous amounts of spikes and horns. The dragon lashes its tail at Victor, but he dodges the attack. However, the tail hits a ledge of the mountain and the rock slide partially trapped Victor under the rubble. Before the dragon could crush Victor with its giant claws, a white armored girl rushed in front of Victor with a shield and sword in her hands. The girl's shield shone an extremely bright light and it blinds the dragon from attacking, causing it to fly back up to the peak of the mountain. The girl turned to Victor with a rather emotionless but extremely cute face and she had rather smooth silk white hair.

[Victor]: (Gets up from the rocks) Uh, thank you very much.
[Esther]: No need to thank me (Puts away her shield and sword) You must be the former hero Victor, am I correct?
[Victor]: Uh, yes. How did you know?
[Esther]: Well, its the Goddess Blade you are wielding. I can sense the darkness inside of it.
[Victor]: Wait, you can sense dark energy?
[Esther]: Yes and it is now a good time to introduce myself. (Sheathes her blade) I am Esther Van Geaurde, I am the new hero chosen by the heavens above.
[Calvin]: Wait a minute, the heavens already chose a new hero?! But how?
[Esther]: Since the Goddess Blade is now essentially dirtied, the heavens chose me to get the hole sealed as quickly as possible. It took them 50 years to craft a new blade that chose to bond with my soul at birth.
[Victor]: .... I see, I guess I will leave this elite monster to you then. We will go find another elite demon to kill.
[Esther]: Uh, w-wait (grabs Victor's hand before he leaves) I didnt say to go away though..
[Victor]: Hmm?
[Esther]: (Looks away and blushes) Well, I was thinking if we were to cooperate, then it would be more effective to seal away Astaroth. S-so, can you please slay the dragon with me?
[Victor]: (Smiles) Alright then, lets go get him.
[Esther]: Th-thank you.

So, the rest of the stage is going up the mountains with Esther to help you. As soon as Esther and Victor reach to the top, they see the dragon resting on a stone pillar. Its eyes flare into combat.

(Boss: Kaivern)
This boss will blow gusts of wind at you by flapping its wings, so avoid getting killed by falling to your death. The dragon will occasionally try to crush you with its weight, dealing massive damage. However, if you dodge its crush attack, it will stay in one place for a short amount of time. Take this chance to slash as many times as you can to the dragon. You can knock it back into the stone pillars behind it to deal extra damage to it.

Once the dragon is defeated, it will try to fall onto you, killing you instantly. Simply dodge and the battle is over, cleansing the mountain of its dark energy. Esther and Victor go down to the mountain base.

[Esther]: Uh, thank you for helping me Victor, you did a great job.
[Victor]: Yeah, you did too... Say, what if we split up?
[Esther]: Huh?
[Victor]: Think about it, if we split up and kill other monsters in other areas, that could be a quicker way of wiping out the elite demons.
[Esther]: That sounds like a good idea but...
[Victor]: (Sighs and smiles) Look (Puts his hands on Esther's shoulders) We will team up sometime again when we need to, alright?
[Esther]:..... Alright then, I guess. Well, bye then. (Summons a horse from her holy bible and rides off)
[Calvin]: Master Victor, I haven't seen you smile like this.
[Victor]: Well.... Its just that she is just so different...
Chapter 4:

Victor and Calvin then had to look for the next Elite demon with their Demon Compass, but no signal was picking up, so the two decided to fix their Demon Compass by going to Donworth, the city of time.

Donworth was a really old city that was dated back to 8 million years ago and it was known for its giant clocktower. The city valued time as if it were a treasure and many clocks were set upon the windows of houses to praise how valuable their life is until death. The houses were also extremely old, but they were taken care of rather nicely without decay or damage and the streets were paved with black glowing blue bricks and gothic fences surrounding houses. Victor and Calvin went to the chambers near the church and they could see a rather jolly old man writing on scrolls, but as soon as he saw the two enter the room, he dropped his pen and walked over to the two.

[Old Man]: (Chuckles) Why hello there you two, its been 3 months the last time I saw you. (Hugs Victor and pats him on the back) So what is it that you want?
[Victor]: You seem pretty happy Father Gregory, even though Astaroth has been revived
[Old Man]: Yes yes I know, but since the angels above have gotten us the new holy hero chosen, we might have a chance to seal him up again. Have you met her?
[Victor]: If you mean Esther, then yes. She wasnt... like the other people
[Father Gregory]: (Laughs loudly) She wasnt so harsh to you eh? Then I guess you two are now allies, am I right?
[Victor]: Yes, we had to split up to to slay the Elite Demons faster. Anyway, our Demon Compass does not seem to work right now, can you see what is wrong with it?
[Father Gregory]: Alright then, hand it over here (Takes it and looks at the compass) Ah, it seems that ever since Astaroth has risen, the compass cannot keep track of the new demon's increased ranks. Hold onto this (Gives back Victor the compass and goes to his drawers and brings out a bunch of items onto his desk) Lets see, Heraldry Flowers, Phoenix feathers.... Hmm...
[Calvin]: Is something the matter?
[Father Gregory]: It seems like there is not enough spiritual energy to form a more powerful compass.... OH I think I know! Go grab the soul marble at the Forbidden Zone.
[Victor]: The forbidden zone? Isnt that where the beast of the mist dwells?
[Father Gregory]: I am afraid that is the quickest way to garner enough spiritual energy for this compass. It may be dangerous, but you have been slaying monsters for 67 years, its not going to be a huge risk.

So Victor and Calvin have to travel to the western part of Eilidh to the forbidden zone, a place shrouded in mist and home to the mythical monster known as the Beast of the Mist, that captures any living thing and devours their soul as sustentance. Victor and Calvin were at first skeptical to go inside the gates of the forbidden zone, but proceeded to get that soul marble to empower their demon compass.

(Level 4: Mist Garden)

The forbidden zone is a misty lakeside filled with bridges and temples embedded onto small pieces of land. You have to navigate your way through the fog, which limits your vision, but you also have to watch out for masked zombies that come out of the water or appear in jumpscares that will try to make you bleed to death with their smashing your bones and dragging your corpse to their master. There are also goblin souls that will try to attack you by burning you alive, but you can drown them out by flinging them into the water.

As soon as Victor and Calvin arrive at the last temple, they see a statue of a wolf resting on a monument inside the large room. As soon as Victor and Calvin went inside, the doors closed behind them and the statue opened its eyes, waking up at the scent of fresh souls to devour. The statue starts to move and it was outlined in a blue vicious aura

(Boss: Fogrir)
In this boss battle, it will fly up above to the ceiling and it will shoot balls of blue fire at you. Just keep shooting with your dark energy balls until it starts to come down. When it does so, it will come charging after you at the other side of the room. Dodge out of the way and it will ram into a wall, causing it damage. Keep doing this process until it reaches a second phase

The Statue breaks apart and it reveals a red marble inside of it, glowing with anger. The marble starts to release the souls it has eaten and the souls take shape into a white wolf spirit with thousands of souls flowing through its fur like a waves on the water. It then lets out a screeching howl (Well, its howl sounds like several people screaming while burning in agonizing pain). In this phase, it will shroud the room in a mist and it will limit your vision. Fogrir will be hiding in the thick fog, but you will be given a split second to know where he is, before he charges into you. If Fogrir charges into you, your soul will be knock out of your body and he will inhale like kirby to suck up your soul, but keep running away to stop him from sucking you up. Go back into your body once he stops inhaling and you should continue with the fight. When Fogrir tries to charge into you, hit him at the right time with your scythe to damage him and repeat until Fogrir dies.

When Fogrir is defeated, it will give out one last howl, shattering all the mirrors inside the temple before its body disassembles and the souls it has eaten up scatters all around the world, leaving nothing but the marble behind. The mist starts to clear and Victor and Calvin go back to Donworth, ready for their upgrade to their compass.
Chapter 5:

When Victor and Calvin come back to Donworth, they go inside the clocktower church, they see several corpses of people around the clockwork church dead. They go inside the church and see several priests dead while Father Gregory is lying on the podium, bleeding heavily and missing huge chunks of flesh.

[Victor]: Father! Are you alright?
[Father Gregory]: (Coughs up blood) I am alright, just get me that green bottle back at my chambers, hurry...

Victor went back to the chambers next to the church and grabbed the green bottle like he said so and went back to give it to him. Father Gregory drank the potion and all of his wounds disappeared and his flesh grew back.

[Victor]: Now tell me father, what happened here?
[Father Gregory]: It was Astaroth...
[Calvin]: Astaroth was here?!
[Father Gregory]: Indeed, and I am afraid he is here to stop time in this clocktower
[Victor]: What do you mean?
[Father Gregory]: If he manages to siphon the energy from this clocktower, time itself will stop.
[Calvin]: Why would he just do that?
[Father Gregory]: The longer the night passes, the more powerful a demon grows. The sunlight resets the built up strength within them. Astaroth desires time to be night forever and that will result in such catastrophe with super powered minions. He went up there, now hurry before it is too late.

Victor and Calvin went upstairs and they see the interior of the clocktower. The spiral staircases lead to the doors of different rooms and they lead up to different floors
(Level 5: Temporal Tower)

In this level, you have to climb up the giant spiral staircases and go to different doors to get to the next floor. Each of the doors represent the past, present, and future.

Door to the Past: You are transported to a time where The clocktower is nothing but a base of scaffolding and far from being completed. A middle-aged man is seen to be watching the construction of the clocktower church.

[Victor]: I am guessing this is the past
[Calvin]: I am afraid so, this must be back when a man named Gerald Watterson believed that the Goddess Siwel has instructed him to build a clocktower honoring time itself in his dreams. He has gained followers, but the government saw this as mere hogwash that needs to be stopped.

A bunch of soldiers march into the scene, bearing spears in their hands.

[Soldier#1]: Gerald Watterson, the official council will give you one last warning! Drop your preposterous claims that the Goddess made you the Prophet to honor time!
[Gerald]: How many times do I have to say it? I will bring out Goddess's words to fruition and has chosen me to be the prophet of time.

You have to defeat the soldiers to move on to the next floor of the clocktower.

Door to the Present: You see past the door that it does not transport you to some other time and it is merely a platforming and beat em up section of the level.

[Victor]: Wait a minute, no time travel or anything?
[Calvin]: Well, it is the door to the present, which is now.
[Victor]: Ehh, I guess that makes sense.

After you pass through this section of the level, you will come to a room with your first miniboss, the Clockwork Golem. Its arms are grandfather clocks with gears attached onto the wrists, used for grinding you to death. Defeat this miniboss and you will be given a key to the next door.

Door to the Future:
You are in a time where everything in the clocktower is run-down and gloomy. The stairs seem to be eeriely creak and debris will fall onto you. Several carnivorous cuckoo clocks called Vucoos will try to tear you apart with their talons and eat up your soul. As Victor and Calvin get up to the last section of this future, they see a giant maze with insta kill guards roaming the maze. You must be careful not to get caught or else they will charge at you like crazy. After that, you get to the final floor, where the door is busted open.

The Final Room is where Astaroth is standing in and the bells in the room all seem to be corrupted with darkness, rendering time to be unable to progress.
[Victor]: Astaroth!
[Astaroth]: (Turns and cackles) I am afraid you are too late, Victor. The night will stay forever and it will just get better from here on out... For me. (Cackles but gets slashed in the face by Victor)
[Victor]: Shut up already you madman.
[Astaroth]: (Twists his neck and his grin grows wider) Oh, you sure have guts to even do that to your god... Very well then, prepare for your punishment. (The blue blood drips from his face)

(Boss Battle: Astaroth {First Fight} )
[Astaroth]: Let the fun begin.. (A drop of his blue blood splashes onto the floor and it turns the entire room into a checkered battlefield)

For this fight, you have to dodge Astaroth's shadow manipulation attacks, like several shadow hands trying to crush you in their grasp and spears made of darkness being shot at you. You have to hit Astaroth as the opportunity strikes, but if you stall for too long, your shadow will turn against you, making you loose health.

After the 1st phase, Astaroth then will cover himself in an armor of shadows, making him impervious to all normal attacks. He will summon minions out of the shadows to attack you while he is doing the same things from phase 1. Kill his minions to fill up your spirit gauge to activate Berserker mode. While in berserker mode, you can break through Astaroth's shadow armor and slash him as much as much you can before your gauge runs out. Repeat this process and you have Astaroth defeated.

[Astaroth]: (Cackles) You are quite impressive Victor. Say during the battle, did you just release the demonic energy stored inside of you?
[Victor]: Yes, my heart may be tainted with evil, but I will use it for the greater good to protect those in need.
[Astaroth]: Oh how naive you are. Let me say this, my mere presence has increased all demonic energy in this realm... Meaning that your control over your power will not hold on much longer. Sooner or later, you could become my #1 soldier. Until then, farewell. Next time, I wont go so easy on you (Vanishes through the ground)

Victor and Calvin went back down the stairs and told Father Gregory everything that happened. He instructed them to find a way to neutralize the moonlight from powering up the demons by going to the Moonlit Island at Falesry. He upgrade the demon compass and the two run off to the beach city of Falesry.
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