Bloody Roar series/Primal Fury (gamecube) discussion


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Ahoy there mateys!

Is any one here a fan of the Bloody Roar series, or Bloody Roar Primal Fury on the gamecube? I played that game alot on my gamecube. Holy crap, that game was fun. And like Samsho, it was a really different or should I say, unique fighting game series, in comparison to the other fighting games out there. Humans turning into super animals and mythical super beasts, and fighting each other, and wrecking the entire arena. Lol!

And do you guys think, we'll ever get a new Bloody Roar game, (despite the fact konami owns it and alot of people are not happy about that,) or one released on the nintendo switch in the near future?


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I played Primal Fury with my brother for a bit, it was fun. I'm not sure that I would be that hyped about a new one, but I wouldn't mind if it did come out.