Child of Light OT: Cause We Need One


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I don't know if many people are as hyped for this game as I am, but I thought this game deserved a thread of its own, cause I mean look at it!!!

These are the most next-gen graphics I have seen. Unchanged concept art quite literally scanned in to make a beautiful RPG/platformer game with a haunting ambient? Sign me up! Anyhow, this game is set to release on April 30th, and if you are not planning on getting it, this OT is here to change that. Cause you're gonna get it and you're gonna like it.
What We Know:
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: April 30th
Genre: Platforming/RPG

Multiplayer and Single Player Experience
Battle system like Grandia II
Multiplayer experience is cooperative, the second playing will be a firefly known as Igniculus
Beautiful hand-painted world.
Takes place in the Land of Lemuria.

2 Hour Gameplay footage!!!!!!!!!!

Making Of Child of Light:


Aurora is a child, the protagonist of Child of Light, who finds herself awaken in a mysterious land.

Igniculus is Aurora's guide throughout Child of Light and aids her in her quest.

Aurora goes to sleep one night, and wakes up the next morning to find herself in an unknown land. And so her quest begins to get back home.

Last reminder, this game comes out on April 30th. Please keep an eye out for this game, so Ubisoft will support us with more games like this :D


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Looks pretty good. It's a hard sell, coming out 5 days after Dark Souls 2 (PC), but I might get it anyway.


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Been on my radar since they announced it. I love how they explain the combat system in that video (I'm not someone who has ever been a fan of frenetic combat in RPGs). This will be a day-one purchase for me.

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I seen a bit of it, but I'm not watching much because I feel this game needs to be experienced on your own rather than have all the art work and scenery spoiled.

I'm probably gonna get it. Been awhile since I played a new turn based rpg. Unless it turns out crap, I'm buying.


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I wouldn't call those graphics next gen at all, but to each their own

This game is being released on the PS3 and 360 as well, you cannot call this next gen at all


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I honestly can't wait for this game. Severely excited for it! It looks amazing, and the artwork is beautiful. Day one purchase for me.


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Those playing Child of Light, now that they are changing "Normal" and "Hard" to "Casual" and "Expert", are any of you playing on Hard/Expert? I started off on normal, because that's usually what I play game on the first time through. But with it being called "Casual" now, it makes me think that difficulty may be too easy. Because, if it is, I would rather start over in the the Hard/Expert mode to get a better experience. Thoughts?
I'm playing through normal/casual/mom diffiiculty stage. I started it as it so I feel weird if I changed it, especially after a few boss fights already.

I can see myself playing this again (maybe not right away) and when I do, I'll choose Hard/hardcore difficulty


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Is the Wii U version 60 FPS? I know it's 720p (even though it could have easily been 1080p given the engine), but I'm simply curious.

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