Chris Pratt Voicing Mario!?!

I really have only one question about the Mario movie. Why didn't they cast Charles martinet as Mario? I mean, maybe he was busy and couldn't do the movie, but I just don't understand. Charles has been the voice of Mario for song long it seems unreasonable to cast a new voice for the main character of the movie. Please tell me they're keeping Charles Martinet for the games. I would hate to loose the long time voice of Mario. What is the status on Charles' work on voicing Mario. Is he still voicing Mario in the games or are they getting rid of him or is he retiring. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



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Most likely they will consider the movie a different property than the videogames, if that makes sense. Videogame Mario has a certain "blank slate" identity such that while it's nice for him to have a voice, most likely the intention is for his voice and grunts to just be a reflection of what the player is experiencing throughout the gameplay; in contrast, a movie is a much more passive experience that relies on story beats, dialogue, and directed camera work, so it's more of a necessity to have Mario (and other characters) talk a lot. Recognizable, trained actors like Chris Pratt not only help attract people that would otherwise not be interested (like fans of Marvel movies or Parks and Rec who don't play videogames) but also have the vocal skills necessary to perform in long, cinematic scenes.

I think Charles Martinett will continue doing all the "mama mia" and "I am number one" voice lines in Mario games, but this movie will have a lot more dialogue than that so it needs someone appropriate for it. That's not to say that I think Chris Pratt is necessarily the best choice (I don't really have an opinion), but I just think that's their likely reasoning here.