Community Smash Night and GIVEAWAY!


Hey everybody, I'm humulos and I'll be one of your hosts for our community game nights. We're starting things off with a crowd favorite: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Pretty sure I don't need to introduce the game for you here, and EVERYONE is welcome to play. Yes, even you. The date and time for our first event is as follows:

Friday the 28th of June at 8 PM EDT / 5 PM PDT

All skill levels are welcome! We aren't pros, but we're no pushovers either, so come see how you stack against us and your fellow Nintendo Enthusiasts. Everyone who battles with us who is also a member of these forums will be entered for a chance to win a code for LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity on Steam. You do not have to WIN to get this code, you just have to battle with us at least once!

The Arena Code and all that will be visible on the Twitch stream when the event starts, and that stream can be seen at If you've got any questions, ask away!

We look forward to doing battle with you!
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