Conan O'Brien @ E3 2013

My favorite late night host went to E3 and tested out all next gen consoles and picks a winner... Guess which console won ;)
Mario Kart 8 So basically Wii U
Oh yeah, and he also flirted with Bayoneta and makes fun of Charles Martinet :D

Also he asked a very important question to Shigeru Miyamoto himself... We experienced gamers know the answer but Conan after all he is the "Clueless Gamer"

Certainly a much better representation of the Wii U in a Late Night show than the one from Jimmy Fallon. Too bad nobody watches TBS... :))
Do you think he was a little mean to Charles? Some people at Gaf are totally offended by how Conan made fun of him... 8-|
Oh well, here are some gifs:



All mods go to heaven.
I'm glad he made fun of Charles Martinet. I hate it when people try to ask him a question and he just goes off in his ridiculous Mario voice.
Mario sounded cool in the N64 era, now he just sounds like an asshole. Luigi still sounds cool, though.
Alright, finished watching. That was pretty funny.
How did he make fun of Charles Martinet? He was joking around with him
I don't get it either. And if you know Conan, then you should know what to expect from him. If he is railing on something, you should know it's for the purpose of humor.