CoV's Little Shop of Horrors (Halloween Megathread for Cool People)

It's decent and interesting. I think its strangely cast, mainly Blackwood who doesnt have a whole lot to work with, as he mainly shines as a comedic actor. And it kinda sucks that one or two of the actors are allergic to cats so they do very little with Salem. But I'm excited to see where the series goes, considering the comic books, which get rightfully fucked.

I've also been watching Teen Wolf, the MTV series, a bit before binging through Sabrina. There are shocking similarities with the plotlines, threw me off.


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Finished Symphony of the Night. It hooked me enough that I dove right into Portrait of Ruin.

But not before mainlining all of Netflix Castlevania season 2, which finished pretty darn strong, IMO.

Looks like Halloween is gonna extend a few weeks for me.
Of the 3 DS Castlevania's, Portrait of Ruin is easily my favorite.
Same. I didn't finish the Universal box set, and I just found out Carmilla is free on ibooks, so I'll probably read that this week. Tomorrow I'm going to see Night of the Living Dead in theater so that's appropriate.

Who am I kidding, I'll be watching those movies, playing more Castlevania games and whatnot for awhile.


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Looks like Halloween is gonna extend a few weeks for me.
I fully support this!
We're watching horror movies tonight while handing out candy. (Will be a warm 80 degrees at Trick 'r Treat time.)
I've been binging the podcast "Darkest Night" - which is really interesting for any podcast fans out there.
Happy Halloween to maybe the last thread on the forums (we'll see how it is next year).

I haven't watched any movies since The Invisible Woman. I did watch Castlevania Season 2 which was pretty damn good. Like I stated above, I probably will be watching the Universal movies for awhile yet, and will most likely play Harmony of Dissonance soon. I even ordered Curse of Darkness off ebay so that's quite the overtime for Halloween.


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So, for Halloween I went as Cruelo De'Vil, and Steve2 dressed up as my Dalmatian slave.
It was a good time!
I rhinestoned a tie in a dalmatian pattern. I had a dalmatian fur boa, with a jeweled dog head on top.


Last night, we watched "The Call" with Halle Berry. So intense.

@CitizenOfVerona - thank you for this thread! It's my favorite of the year!
I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!
I didn't end up watching Night of the Living Dead, had some family stuff to take care of. I came home last night and even though I was tired, I had to watch something, so I popped in The Wolf Man. I really enjoyed it and so far probably one of the best.

My costume as the Invisible Man ended up working out, but a lot of people knew who I was pretty quickly. I think only 3 people didn't know. It's the little victories.

Hopefully I'll get to do this next year in some fashion. Thanks to everyone for posting.