CthulhiGames: Action Horror RPG TBA


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I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one, C. Can't wait to hear info on this one as it becomes available. :)


I don't know if this is irony or not. Nikola_Tesla was the name of a great friend, person, poster that many of is had the pleasure of meeting in and around this place that has passed away.

So for you to be here in this place with a character in you game of the same name (I know he was a real scientist in history) I take this as an awesome sign.

Will buy no matter what just for our Nikola Tesla. RIP brother


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I really enjoy Cthulu. Never managed to make it further then a few chapters in any of the books, but captivating ideas none the less. I'll keep an eye on this project.


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Is there a particular reason you chose to make the project exclusive to Wii U, if you don't mind my asking?
Is there a particular reason you chose to make the project exclusive to Wii U, if you don't mind my asking?
Three reasons actually...

First, I am far more concerned with putting out a quality product than contributing to the markets saturation of half complete games. Second, I am a Nintendo Fanboy at heart and am rather disappointed by the lack of 3rd party support for the WiiU. The third reason is that the peripheral I am utilizing on the WiiU namely the gamepad makes it a bit difficult to port the final game to the PC without compromising on the gameplay experience.
And financial reasons^

But beyond that where are you developing the game?
Actually financials have not really come into question yet. Currently I am doing everything on my own, so costs amount to the purchase of equipment, most of which I have already footed the bill for. Time is a big factor though, currently I am working part time, going to school full time and working on Ex Oblivion the rest of the time. A KS is in the works mainly for the purchase of the remaining software and hardware that I need, as well as to allow myself to quit my day job and spend those hours working on the game.

I could probably make a lot more money if I got the game on Steam, but to do so I would have to scale back the games (planned) functionality, and I would rather not make money by cheating players out of the experience they deserve.

I am aiming for a world wide release.