Cyan's Xenforo Sidebar Twitch Onlineness Checker!


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So, I made my fist product for Xenforo today!

It's, as the title says, a install that allows you to set up any number of streams to be watched, and if one is online it'll tell you the stream display name, and the game they're playing.

It also themes with any Xenforo theme.

It's a synch to install, and manage.

and it's extremely inexpensive at only $10.

(If I know you from TNE I'll give you a $5 discount!)

You can check it out in action here:


Installing it is simple!

1) upload the Cyan folder to xenforo/library/

2) pull up the template for sidebar_online_users

3) go to the end of the template and add in the following code:

Shown code will install a list with two streams watched (cyanprimes, and riotgames - which has no affiliation to this product).

If anyone is interested just PM, post, or contact me from somewhere.