D&D Neverwinter Foundry Thread

This is a thread where you can post the foundry missions you made or played and think was really cool and what not. The foundry is a Tool that lets anyone in the community of neverwinter to build quests from the ground up with 100s of options. tell a story, create puzzles, test peoples combat ability, make fun mini games create cool chars in the costume builder or all of these things in one. let your creative minds run wild. D&D Neverwinter is a free to play game from the ground up made by cryptic studios and published by perfect world. It's free so go download it today and play the main game play the User Generated Content and make some adventures.

My ongoing Foundry conquest:
The Dragon Sisters
<Introduction story>
have you ever heard of the cursed dragon
goddess sisters? Legends and stories tell that they were once powerful
and strong dragons who protected our world. But one day a strong and
powerful wizard cursed them and bond them in bodies of mortal with no
escapes even death. They say these two sisters still live among us
today. Some say they even saw them in Neverwinter even though no one
knows what they look like. Rumor has it there are relics in this world that can help cure the two sister's curse and they will bring good fortune to whom ever processes these Relics. I want you to find these relics. Starting with the Dragon stone pendent.

Part 1:
The Pendant of Legend

Part 2:
The Dragon Prophecy Scrolls

Part 3:
The Real Adventure starts now

Part 4:
Under Attack the second location

Part 5: In the making should be done next week.

If you would like to play my story just open the foundry catalog using the K key ingame or going to the job board and searching chibidani in the authors or any of the titles.