Darkest Dungeon: Venture Into Fried's Black Pit


My rich rich uncle, Sikes Primero, is willing me over his entire estate, complete with mansions, a hamlet full of servants, and a brothel.
The catch? He accidentally unearthed a well of unending ancient evils while digging around the mansion, and in order to live peacefully in squalor and debauchery, I'll have to beat those Cthulhus back into the unholy portal from whence they came!



Being the most bestest Jester in all of the land, I have a particular, well-defined, cunning. Using my wit and charm, I successfully enlisted rubes morons absolute goons other fellow masters into helping me and my cause.

This is the Squad of Would Be Elder God Killers

Such is the starting squad, full of brave and hopeless scoundrels from all walks of life. More to join as the time and battle passes, I'm very persuasive.

Alas, on this 14th week of trekking into the sewers of the Primero Estate, we suffered a grave loss...


Tasked with destroying the Swine Prince, Fried, Snickedy and Wolven journeyed into the Weald.
The path was tricky and torturous, and one wrong path decision made a possibly short quest into a long one. The party searched room after room, only bypassing one on their way down a long path of rooms. Turns out that was where the beast was hiding. Having lost much blood to other monsters and enemies, the gang was fighting at a disadvantage. What made matters worse was the Prince's gimmick. Unbeknownst to Snickedy, it's sole motivation was the protection of a small pig enemy. By sticking his spear into that pushover of an enemy, he unleashed the full power and wrath of the Swine Prince.
It hit with an Area of Effect attack, striking all off the party with one blow, leaving them sometimes stun. Round after round until they were all at Deaths Door, one strike away from death.

Wolven, The Abomination (its a werewolf), transformed and gained some health back, enough to deliver two devastating attacks to the Prince. Alas, those would be his last, as the next blow removed him from this plane of existence.

The sacrifice was not in vain. It left a Bleed status effect on the Swine Prince, and that coupled with another, hopeful, spear to the stomach, courtesy of Snickedy, gutted the monster clean to death.

Many riches were had, but at what cost???
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Wolven: 1

(For this run, I will be keeping names tied to classes. So say I find another Abomination to add to my party. It will still be named Wolven, well, Wolven II. And so on)


The Architect
In all seriousness, I love this thread. I should probably get back to finishing Darkest Dungeon at some point but God damn do I hate champion dungeons....


Normalcy returned to the Estate fairly quickly. Death is just a small bump in the face of progress.
A new adventurer joined the cause:

After a few successful adventures in some relatively easy dungeons, hubris set in. A particular group of individuals grew too strong for the introductory dungeons. Seeking greater challenge and glory, they banded together and headed to cleanse an intermediate dungeon of beasts and monsters.

The Party: @Shoulder, @Snickedy, @Karkashan, @Koenig (I'll be tagging dudes whenever their time may be up)
Quest: Cleanse the Warrens or maybe The Weald or was it The Ruins. Idk, but it was a "medium" level difficulty.

Much of the party was trinket-less, running on their own pure abilities. The dungeon in need of cleansing was rudely branched, requiring a mandatory backtracking at some point to see all the rooms. This would cause massive stress to the party, but it was all in the name of riches and glory.

The gang could not go one step into the dungeon before being immediately set upon by new, hardy, monsters. It only took one look and round with these things to stress out Snickedy, who suddenly was stricken with Affliction

The beasts were torn apart, but the Paranoid tendencies of Snickedy would make him very unreliable in future battles.
He would not be the only one stricken. As battles and stress wore on, each member of the party was rendered partially ineffective. Not one was able to turn their stress into strengths. This lack of resolve would be a fatal defect.

Having cleared one set of rooms and suffered a lot of damage, both mentally and physically, the group camped in a safe room before continuing onward to the other half of the dungeon.
They attempted to help de-stress and heal each other up, but due to all of their afflictions any help was often met with hostility. They could hardly get any rest, each distrusting the other. None knew that this would be the last night they spend together as comrades.

Snickedy suffered from a peculiar quirk. Current affliction aside, Snickedy was a Shieldbreaker, one who suffered from hauntingly vivid nightmares of his harsh past. These nightmares manifested themselves into reality during the night, and every member could feel and suffer from them.

The party is in bad shape to begin with, with almost none benefiting from Camp abilities and healing. The monsters are no slouches either, each having superior speed and strength than what has been witnessed before.
It was a fool's errand, one they could not escape from. In the end, two lives were lost, and the adventure had ended.

The nightmare had ended, undefeated phantoms disappeared but the effects were all to real. With total defeat surely in their future, Koenig and Snickedy abandoned the quest and returned to the Estate, lucky to be alive.

Both went to de-stress themselves, while the hamlet made room in the Graveyard for two more.

Wolven: 1
Karkashan: 1
Shoulder: 1


The squad has settled down after a couple of weeks of loss, taking turns destroying bars and brothels and churches around the hamlet. In the midst of their de-stressification, two more members joined the ranks.
Or should I say, two old members

Souls reforged? Children of the slain? Misguided cosplayers? Whatever they are, they share the namesake of the defeated, and are seeking bloody retribution. They are quickly welcomed into the squad, and join in on the ongoing debauchery in the hamlet.

Not one to rest on my laurels, I formed a party to head back into the world and strengthen some of the more promising members of the squad.
The Party: @FriedShoes @Juegos @dAndErA Drewfus
Quest: Clear all room battles in this area of The Weald (or was it some other place. Its the Old Road, whatever)

This handsome party was destined for glory. Guts and strength, combined, with my own Plot Armor, made for a devastating combination.

Having experienced the horrors of the dungeons a few times now, Dandera and Juegos were able to focus on scouting the area instead of fearing attacks. This meant no wasted energy in navigating the area, we were able to head straight for rooms with enemies and bypass treacherous halls.

Battles themselves took on a familiar look, each member able to play their role well. Drew in the back, keeping the party healed up, Juegos in the front tanking blows and delivering great strikes of his own, Dandera dealing great status effects and ranged attacks, and me, Fried, playing on my lute because I really dont need to do anything when the going gets this good.

This rhythm never stopped and it wasnt long before the quest had ended, each member returning stronger and wealthier than ever.

Alas, victory like this infuriates Fate, and she made sure we paid dearly for our success.
Upon seeing success, Costello vowed to make his own mark and grow his own strength. Being a mainly ranged warrior, armed with a bowgun, he called upon the help of a powerful friend. Witness the arrival of the Man-At-Arms from The-Land-In-The-North.

Hubris is constantly filling the air of the Estate. Not one to be shown up by Fried, Costello took to his own party to a new area, untouched and unexplored. He dragged along Drew, the trusted healer of the Squad, who did not have any time to recover from the quest he had just returned from.

The Party: @mattavelle1 @EvilTw1n @CitizenOfVerona Drewfus
Quest: Defeat all monster-filled rooms in this area of The Cove

The Cove lay on the shores of the Estate. A cursed abyss, the stench of the rotten sea filled every inch of the caves and wreckage that was strewn about. The path in this area was maze-like, requiring the party to bring along camping supplies to give them some reprieve in the middle of the quest. Battle was assured whichever direction they went, but despite not knowing what lied ahead, they were confident in their success.
After all, it was a beginner quest in a new area, surely it wouldn't be that difficult.

It wasn't long until they witnessed firsthand the monsters of The Cove. Horrifying and sealike wretches, I do not know how they breathed on land but their stench made it difficult even for the land-dwelling party.

Deadly as they look, their moves were easily scouted. The enemies moved and worked like a team, but they were no match for the raw strength of CoV and Costello. They confidently moved to the next battle, with similarly successful result.

Sadly the deeper they went, the more stressful the task became. After listening to a distressing and horrifying howl from a particularly common and annoying enemy, the party was driven closer to madness.

Going into a far off room in the dungeon drove the rest of the party to experience debilitating afflictions. They taunted each other until none was without some hangup that would further affect their teamwork and effectiveness.

Seeing his party piss themselves dry made Costello fear the worst for his future. The recent attacks from the enemy already had him at Death's Door. As his best man, CoV, was stricken with affliction, it proved too much for Costello's mind. Already beaten by panic, he was put over the edge and departed this mortal coil.

The remaining members took down the monsters in revenge, but the damage was done. They headed for the next safe room where they made camp and attempted to regroup their sanity and hope for the rest of the quest. While Drew wished to abandon hope and live another day, Eviltwin gave off a powerful aura of hope. Not one to let a friend die in vain, he urged the party to rest and prepare for the onslaught on the following day.

The night's sleep did not bring much benefits, but it was enough for Eviltwin to feel confident in their success. The rooms ahead were clear, with luck there was maybe one room battle left to clear before they could leave with their heads high in glory. They were immediately set upon by monsters blocking their path as they exited the campsite. They took on some mortal wounds, but defeated the enemy with glory. The end in sight, they quickly traveled to the far corners of the dungeon, only to be ambushed by another mob of monsters.

This would be it for the party. No matter how strong willed they may have been, only one survived the attack.

Panic struck at the most critical point in battle. This left CoV with no defense and he was quickly torn limb from limb by the enemy. Having already suffered a heart attack earlier in battle, Eviltwin was left with no vitality to speak of. Upon seeing the only member of the party that stood a chance at damaging the enemy, his heart broke and he died from fear.
Left alone in battle, Drew was lucky enough to have the round on his side. With no chance at surviving the next round of attacks, he succesfsfully fled the battle to the nearest safe room. Having suffered a heart attack himself, he steeled his mind and grabbed all the loot he could and abandoned the quest, returning with no glory but with his life intact.

Drew went to drown his sorrows in prayer and drink, as the hamlet held services for the fallen once more.

Wolven: 1
Karkashan: 1
Shoulder: 1
Costello: 1
CitizenOfVerona: 1
Eviltwin: 1
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It would be truly insane to see mount Fukashima, but it's not gonna happen sadly. The game is still great though, even if you don't have the mount. I like that you have to invest some time in the game to upgrade the character and get new gear. One of my friends showed me this game while playing D&D Guide, he knew that I will like it. We have the habit to gather together and play some games, playing online using a voice chat is nice, but it's a totally different experience when you sit close to each other and laugh together.
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