Demigod: Game Elements


You can pull off many combos with X (Scythe Attacks) and Y (Spear Attacks) The combo enders take up more of your stamina, so use them with caution. You can also perform attacks via running or in the air.

Each attack takes up a bit of your stamina and you can recover it quickly by not doing anything that costs stamina for a short time.

You can autoaim, but you can also aim at enemies/objects by holding the L button.

Press the R button to do a somersault while holding up on the analog stick. Hold the R-button to initiate into running mode right after you do the rolling attack. The somersault can be used for offense utility or dodging. If you hold Right/Left on the analog stick while you press R, you will do a cartwheel to dodge the attacks. The somersault can be used to deal little damage against enemies while knocking them over to stun them. You can use this attack to leave enemies wide open for you to attack them.

Beam Attack:
Everytime you make a scythe attack or spear attack, they will emit a slash/stab beam that will travel as a projectile. These can be used to attack enemies from afar. Scythe beams are wider in length and have more attack power, but they travel too short and they are slow. Spear beams are shorter in length and have less attack power, but they travel very far and they move fast.

You can grab objects and enemies by pressing the B button. Once you grab an enemy, you can use them as meat shields to defend yourself with and you can even attack with them. If you want to throw them, press the B button again to throw them away. You can also aim at enemies to weaken them or reveal a weakspot.

Press the A button to do a jump. You can go across obstacles with this and chain off aerial combos.

Combo Crystals/Devastator Attacks:
Once you chain off a combo, you will gain a combo crystal. If you have 8 combo crystals, you can perform a Devastator Attack. A Devastator Attack can be pulled off using the L2 button and there are a variety of different devastator attacks to use. Press the L2 and another button at the same time to perform different devastator attacks that can wipe out enemies easily. This will cost all your stamina however, so try to recover after you pull it off.

Soul Gauge:
When you kill enemies, your soul gauge fills up. Once your soul gauge is full, you can enter Berserk Mode by pressing R2. Your attacks become more powerful and faster with unlimited stamina. Your soul gauge will whittle down every second, so kill more enemies to keep it from dropping. Once your soul gauge is depleted, you will return to your original form. You can also use the Soul Gauge to recover health. Press Up on the D-pad to heal back a little health at the cost of using your soul gauge.

Spear Throw/ Scythe Boomerang:
You can throw your spear at enemies to shatter their shields or to implae them. You can run up to them while they have a spear stuck to them and you can swing it around like a tornado. Scythe Boomerang will draw enemies closer to you if it hits them.

Throughout your journey, you will find several power ups that will help you. There are a total of 10 upgrades that will enhance gameplay options for you, so try to keep an eye for them as unlockables.

Using Items:
You can surf through the items you have equipped by pressing left or right on the d-pad to scroll through your items. To use that item, press the Down button on the D-pad to use it.

How does this sound so far? Think of Bayonetta, except not as fast paced and has strategy implemented in it with different ways to dodge enemies and to exploit their weaknesses, also with action adventure elements in it like Dark Souls.


I'm not very keen on stamina meters in much action games, even if they are not fast paced. Anything faster than animation priority games like Monster Hunter or Souls, with a system that encourages combos out the ass, might be stunting and frustrating to handle on for the player.
Not saying drop it, but keep an eye on it. Not sure thats the best feature to pick up out of Bloodborne combat.
I mean, the attacks are moderately fast. Not as fast as Bayonetta, but good enough for you to pull off cohesive combos. Each attack only takes up about 1/16 of your stamina while combo enders take up about 1/8 of it, so one should not worry so much about the stamina.


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What I was going to say is that a lot of your game sounds like it has a ton of RPG elements. I don't see why you can't make it into one using RPG maker just to get the story down. A lot of your stuff is episodic and would work nicely in that genre.

Also, if you look into the code of action games, a lot of it is based on the same sort of HP/MP systems of an RPG just faster.
Here are some changes with the combat:
Its going to have more emphasis on god of war style:

X= Weak attack
Y= Strong attack

Weak attacks are lesser in power and range, but they are fast.
Strong attacks are more powerful and have more range, but they are slower
These two attacks can be utilized in combat and strategy like destroying an enemy's shield then attacking with fast weak attacks or slowing the enemy in place with fast attacks and finishing them off with strong attacks.

Magic attacks are still garnered by the combo gauge, but in order to stop spam, each combo orb is only gained for each 3 combos you pull off. These magic attacks are temporary power-ups or just one-kill attacks.

Magic attacks will simply only cost combo crystals and not stamina.

I have decided to drop upgrades and focus on traditional weapons like in god of war. Something like:

Gaia Titan: A giant axe that was wielded by the great Gaia himself. It is very slow, but powerful enough to fling chunks of the ground at your opponents.

Vlad Lance: It is slow, but not as much as the Gaia Titan. You can charge into enemies to stab them onto your lance to make a kabob. You can sacrifice the enemies to gain combo crystals and exp.

Speaking of exp, you can level up in this game. You collect exp from defeating enemies and you level up at a certain point. You can raise your attack power, speed, magic, soul gauge, health, dodging speed, etc. You can even level up your weapons to evolve them.

How does this sound? Would this be more appealing than the previous mechanics?
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All I would want are taunts and the ability to switch through styles on the fly a la Devil May Cry 4 and to a lesser extent, Castlevania: Order of Eccelesia (<3). And 60 FPS of course.

I've always wanted to actually design a character action game myself to be honest. I have a lot of ideas around it.