Digimon Masters online.

Have you ever found yourself training your digimon and grinding for that DNA and DATA so you can get more digimon to level up and add to your mega army. Then you think to yourself, man I wish I had some friends here with me. Well then Digimon Master online is the game for you. Digimon masters online is a mmorpg based around the DATA squad anime time period.

You have the choice between 4 of the tamers from the series. Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein, Yoshino Fujieda, and Keenan Crier.
After you choose your tamer you will choose between Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon as your starter digimon. you can name yourself and your digimon.

You're a new recruit for DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) your main job is to collect digieggs from wild digimon and collect data from them.
and if your lucky enough you find some hatchable digieggs which require DATA to hatch. This isn't the only thing you do though, between collecting data and helping the town people you'll also find a bunch of main story quests. This will help you further your training in DATS, fight epic battles aswell as give you some nice rewords.

The Gameplay is well made for a digimon game. The graphics and textures are realy clean, and the real time combat gets realy fun in the later levels.
You controll 1 digimon at a time but can switch between digimon out side of battle freely. You may also switch between digimon during battle with certen items.

This mechanic does hinder you from taking on to many digimon at once and most combat is one on one.
Also another thing that could be improved is the egg hatching system. It is very easy to fail the hatching and some eggs take a large amount of data to hatch. But the upside to this is when you do hatch the digimon you want and evenculy turn it into a mega you get a great feal of acomplishment.

If you ever played a digimon game before you know just how much care and time it takes to get a mega. I mean digimon games are always so hard and time consuming if u want the best digimon.
Like all digimon games before it you will be grinding to collect Digieggs and DATA to improve your army of digimon.
Digimon masters is easily the best looking Digimon game out there. And the best part is you can play with your friends.
So gather your freinds and your digimon and go out there and save the digital world!
It looks cool, sorry that I feel a little skeptical even that the graphics look nice, and I like digimon, but I'm skeptical on how good the gameplay is because of the weird character creation (why do we have to pick to be a character from the Savers anime instead of creating our own and integrating the Savers characters as NPCs... When I play the digimon games I don't want to be an anime hero character, I want to have my own digimon) I'm also skeptical on the amount of digimon, I guess being a MMO NB can always add more in updates, but one thing that is always a hindrance to Digimon is their unbalanced release schedule. There are thousands of Digimon, but every time a new show comes the only real new Digimon are the ones of the main characters, and most of whatever else is new tend to be more offshoot characters that seem more like side evolutions.
The DATS universe as a whole is okay, it works, but I don't understand why it can't include the newest series other than this is probably a finally finished translation of an old game, but I think I'm saying this just because I'd prefer more Cross Wars content. I feel like that, with some kind of strategy element of commanding an army of digimon, combined with the MMO aspect would be more fun to me.
Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, the idea of a Digimon MMO is extremely awesome, I just feel like, knowing (and loving) Digimon, it could be better.
there's not 1000s >.> there are a lil over 1000 and there are over 50 hatchable digimon in the game. so u'll have plenty to do. also they have alot of event only digimon and stuff. aswell as some cash shop ones since they have to make some money :p.
oh and evenculy you can use your digimon as a mount to travel or just have fun. you can buy the item to do so ingame.
Digimon Battle online is there other one but the servers geting shut down so they can focus on this one. shame to since the old one is turned based combat and u can controll 3 digimon at once. so they entirely dif games.