Divinity 2 Original Sin is one of the only RPG's that imo is on The Witcher 3's level in terms of writing, dialogue and quests.

I'm very impressed with this game. How I heard of it for the first time recently, I don't know. While the gameplay, camera style, world and all of that is vastly different, apples and oranges, this game is almost as good as TW3 when it comes to writing, dialogue, quests/side quests and the choices you can make throughout the game. In some parts it's even deeper, as you'll have some choices which are way more wicked and evil than in The Witcher 3.
For example, and I'll use this one because it happens right at the beginning so I don't spoil the late game: at the beginning you're on a ship, and one point the ship is sinking. You have the choice to go back and help other NPC's escape, or you can say fuck them and jump on the lifeboat. And, if you decide to go back inside the ship and help the NPC's you can further pick and choose who to help, and there's a character that was sort of bad to you (they were your captor) so on this my first playthrough I actually killed them why they were unconscious so they had 0 chance of surviving lol.
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