Doom: Switch Edition

I suppose it's important to remember that while Doom had a max resolution of 1080p, DF reported 828p for the majority of play on Xbox One. Frame-rate also dipped into the 40's on Xbox One.

As for missing screen space reflections, nothing is free. They must have felt they weren't worth the resources.

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The game usually averages around 810p to 828p during any given firefight, with drops to 756p. They capped it at 1080p to future proof it.

My best guess for why they dropped the maximum resolution from 1080p to 810p for Wolfenstein II on Xbox One was because that was basically what DOOM ran at most of the time, and capping it at that probably had some influence in the increased headroom for new effects (i.e replacing all of DOOM's billboard effects with volumetric ones, water tessellation, increased polygons).
I find it fascinating that the Switch port is still getting resolution and performance updates while the Xbox One version still sits at the aforementioned resolutions while hitting 60 FPS about as well as the original Black Ops on 360.