Vivi's actually the only reason I want to finish Final Fantasy 9. Such a great character.

Also, comparing these to your earlier posts in this thread, looks like you've improved a lot, man!
Thanks. When I picked it up a month or so ago I actually looked up tutorials on Youtube, turns out I was going at it the wrong way. It's pretty cool how learning the basics can help.

And yeah, FF9 is easily one of my favorites.
What tutorials have you followed to have this amazing results ? I tried several times and I never did such great work
Whoa, sorry, I don't check this thread often, clearly.

I watched a few videos from SchaeferArt (Learn To Draw #01). Lately I watched a few from Whyt Manga. Mostly I just draw on my own. I have a few friends who went to art school too. I didn't pay for any online classes or anything, everything I watched was on Youtube.