EAST vs WEST - RPG's....

EAST or WEST, which produces the best RPG's...?

  • EAST....

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • WEST....

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • It's a tie....

    Votes: 2 15.4%

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It's that time again to ask ourselves, which side of the ocean does it better....

This time I figure we should discuss RPG's and which type we think are the best at this point....

I mean, I'm so pumped for FFXV because of the new open world, action focused gameplay....

But right now, I still have to give it to the WEST in terms of, my favorite RPG's these days are all western developed ones....

Mass Effect

The Witcher


Dragon Age

But I mean, come on, there are some superb JRPG's....

Dark Souls


Dragon' Dogma

One thing these RPG's all have in common are their focus on action over turned based combat....

But you have gems like Xenoblade Chronicles X out there doing something in between with turn based MMO style action....

And with the upcomming FFXV being action focused, it's obviously been inspired by western devs design choices....

And then you have Zelda U in all its triumphant glory comming next year....

I mean, Japan is set to take the stage again as the premiere RPG developer this year with FFXV....

But then you have gems in the works like Cyberpunk 2077, a game I'm am anticipating even more than FFXV, and it's just now getting started in development....

And Horizon for PS4....

The torch, it would seem, is being readied to be handed back to the Japanese in 2016, but for how long...?

Games like the new old schooler I am Setsuna is set to bring back old school in a big way apparently....

We know awesome games like Scalebound are on the way as well....

And even Pokemon Sun and Moon....


EAST or WEST...?

Somewhere in between...?

What say you...?
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It really all depends on what you are looking for in the game, as it often boils down not to the region they were made in but rather the mechanics on which they are built. I personally prefer western RPG's due to their gameplay, however I much more fond of the creative worlds in most Eastern RPGs.

Extra credits did a good synopsis of the two genres for those looking for more information on the subject.



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western rpgs are doing very well now and they are getting huge budgets and such, but I don't really like any of them... JRPGs are in a serious decline IMO, but they are still the kind of game I prefer

they are really 2 different genres.. so it isn't a matter of who is making the best rpg, but what type of rpg do you prefer... and for me that will almost certainly always be Japanese....

that being said, JRPGs are not doing so hot right now, the most interesting ones all seem to be on handhelds, and there is a load of retreading on old ideas, overused tropes, and, in general, it just seems that there is a lot less heart going into them...

for example.. the bravely games... the systems are super strong, but it just seems like character and story is like 5th priority at best....

I want games where the characters and story come first... Shadow Hearts 2, Xenogears, Thousand Arms, Final Fantasy 6, etc...

This happens though, from time to time, in most japanese mediums... it happened in anime and manga, and only in the past couple years has it started breaking out from that... right now my favorite genre of anime is ridiculously specific, character from our world is magically transported to or resurrected in a world of magic... I LOVE the genre and all of the different takes on it.... but it wont take long until that genre is WAY oversaturated, and when that happens the stories will become paint by numbers and boring... with overly recycled character tropes... it always happens... but thankfully soemthign else comes along and creates a new vibrant scene (that will eventually also be burned out)

the problem, for me, with JRPGs is that they have been in this burn out stage since around the launch of the ps3.... or perhaps even further back, towards the end of the ps2... and rather than a new direction popping up it seems like some eastern devs are just copying the west, others are retreating into purely mechanical entities, and the only ones that fit my interest are being made on micro budgets for handhelds, which feels like a step backwards....

I just want to fall in love with some characters again


Gotta go east here. I enjoy the worlds and stories more than I have in WRPGs, for the most part. Mechanics are just as varied across the board as well, so its not that difficult to find something you like. Its also just what I grew up with, I got into WRPGs much later and they didnt grab me as hard.
Slightly underrated, but JRPGs also have amazing music, I cant really recall many WRPGs having any truly great tunes, aside from the occasional Dragon Age track.


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I'm honestly surprised that the poll is so lopsided...

I did vote for East, but I haven't played enough RPG's to be honest... Definitely the genre I want to dive way deeper in to.

It was a very close vote for me considering the Mass Effect series is one of my favorite franchises ever. All 3 games are in my top 15 games of all time easily, with Mass Effect 1 in my top 5.

I honestly like the imagination and color of JRPG's a lot, and that's why I voted for East. But maybe the more Western RPG's I play my opinion will change.

So many games, so little time!


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I personally find Western RPGs to be better written and and less trope-heavy, at least that's the overall impression I've gotten from the limited time I've spent with them, but, gameplay-wise, I don't really like any of them. Not Skyrim, not The Witcher 3, not Dragon Age: Inquisition. I find that the character movement and combat just feels kind of off, whether it be because the movement and combat lacks any real weight (Skyrim) or because movement feels kind of janky (The Witcher 3)

Japanese RPGs may be more cliche and cringe-worthy, albeit I'd argue that's part of their charm so as long as they're not TOO cliche or cringe-worthy, but the gameplay feels WAY more satisfying. Whether it be turn-based or action-based, I find the combat to be very enjoyable, something I have yet to feel for any Western RPG. Maybe one day that'll change but I'm not holding my breath


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Wow, this thread shows how many spectacular RPGs Nintendo lacks. I've been playing Wii/DS/3DS RPGs and they're great. Wii U only has XCX in my opinion.

I haven't been playing many WRPGs, but I'd say it's a tie. WRPGs usually have "real" stories and JRPGs are more like Anime. So I don't think that one school of RPGs can make better games than the other, it's all about what you expect from an RPG.

PS: Btw, Zelda is not RPG in my opinion and many WRPGs these days aren't either.


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I'm not a big rpg fan. But for me, rpg's from the East definitely take the win.
The stories in them are mostly pleasant (well the ones I played that is), light hearted, silly in some places but okay, and the combat in jrpgs are a bit more natural and refined. Even the ones with turn based combat feel fun, though I am not a huge fan of turn based combat.

And strangely, the combat in Wrpgs in most cases, always seem to be a bit off and lacking, a bit wonky, and stuff always seems to be missing in the combat department. The stories in alot of them are a bit too bland for my taste, and sometimes try to be, too cringishly hollywood adult for my style. But at least the combat and stories in Wrpgs, have been improving, and getting better as time goes by, even at a snails pace.

But when it comes to rpg type games, I prefer adventure games like Zelda. As it is more my thing, even though I would say, it is more of an interactive adventure game than a jrpg type game.
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