[Feedback please!] Rivals and Lovers


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I was listening to some video game music when I got to the Rival theme in Pokemon Blue, and though I normally stay away from that song now days because I've atribuated it to some prick I don't even know, but I stayed and listed to it this time, and as I did I began to think. a rival is someone who you feel is equal to you, so why am I giving this title to someone that I not only feel far greater than, but also have never compeated with? Rivals are people who inspire you to do better with their skill, and people you need to respect and view as equal.

This is a new way of thinking that I've never thought about before, so I decided to comtimplate it longer and see if anyone fit that perfectly, and enough to be called a rival. Somone who was at least equal to me, was respected by me, and had the skills to back this all up. Now don't get me wrong, I can respect people and look at them equally without competing with them like my sister, for example. I'm just talking about rivals right now though. I happen to like having rivals because I'm a competive person, and now I've decided to think that it makes your bonds with said rival closer.

Now my buddy Plesioth fits this nicely. I compete with him a good bit, and we even help eatchother out, but what about the other part of the title? That doesn't fit me and Plesioth at all, and why am I bringing up lovers in this post? Well, it's because I noticed something about myself today. I've never really thought of a lover as a rival. They're normally two different types of people to me. I've never had the closeness of a rival with a lover, and I've never had the closeness of a lover in a rival.

So I thought about this more, and noticed something important. My boyfriend, Tonie, does quite a good job at being both. I compete with him all the time, but because I thought of rivals as enemies I never looked at him like that. We're really close, after all, so I wouldn't want to think of him any other way than my best friend, and lover (Yes, I could have said boyfriend, but I wanted to explain what the term boyfriend means to me); However, now that I've realized that rivals are in fact people who inspire you, and challenge you to do better, and not just people you fight with I'd say that Tonie fits being a rival nicely.

I happen to like having someone I can repect as both a rival and lover, so I think I'm quite a lucky man to have found that. We can compete without holding back, and still help eachother to progress as a partner as well. So thank you, Antonie Moffett.


Okay, so can I get a few of you to read this, and make sure that it doesn't come off negitively? I ant to make sure it sounds like I want it to before I show it to my boyfriend.
Also note that Tonie and Antonie are the same guy :>
I like this, I dont see it as negative at all and it makes a lot of sense. I guess I never viewed my girlfriend as a rival but now I guess I can because she challenges me to be better person than I was yesterday. I'll be sure to tell her this today and when pokemon x and y releases!


I liked it. I don't think it comes off as negative at all.
I have actually thought of that before, because my wife doesn't like to be my competitor when it comes to games or sports, even though I personally would like it.
But, that's an interesting thought how rivals actually have a certain closeness in relationship to you through their very rivalry.


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Ok, just hit post on my last comment and realised that it was unreasonably long and not really worth anything to anyone other than me. So I'd just like to say thank you for posting this, it has made me reflect on a relationship in my life differently and appreciate the way a rival of my own turned my life around for the better. This post is great. I apologise to anyone who saw my wall of text, it was quite terrifying. I've saved it to my computer for reflection in future :p