Five anime sins


The Architect
In case the title did not already give it away, this blog is about anime (And with that I can sense half of you leaving already) A lot of people consider anime to be a completely different breed of entertainment, and to some extent they are right; however I personally don't care whether a show is animated or foreign as long as it is good. That said however, I have noticed that anime (Like most entertainment) falls into its own trappings far more than it should; certain cliches and mistakes are often made in almost every anime and I for one would like to rant about it for a short spell- (Me? rant? Nothing new there)
So without further adieu here is my list for the five big "sins" of anime

Mid-fight Monologues:
Lets start off with one of the most well known aspects of anime; the drawn out monologue. In almost every anime that involves fighting (Which is to say well over 90% of them) It is a safe bet to assume that at some point during a fight one character or the other will lower their guard and start talking aloud for an extended period of time, however the real kicker here is no one ever interrupts them. These monologues are often used to share exposition, but it never makes any sense as to how it works. Imagine if you will an battle with every kind of dangerous weapons imaginable, However the second anyone uttered a word everything froze in time; the missiles suspended mid air, the bombs stopped ticking, the soldiers stopped firing, and everything politely waited for the one who spoke to finish their life story before resuming the previous actions, with the same thing happening again happening a few seconds later to the same effect. Utter madness and void of any common sense, however it is a staple of anime battles.

It's High school, Allways...
Before I complain about this one, I will knowledge its valid point first. High-schoolers are the target of a lot of anime, so it makes sense to match the setting to their interests. With that said, it only makes sense to a point. Lets go over some anime logic for a bit; What it the best place to go to become a ninja you ask? High school! How about becoming an exorcist? High School! Joining the military? High school! Fighting an army of aliens? High School! Saving the universe from an incomprehensible threat? Friggin High School! Apparently college degrees, apprenticeship, and experience are meaningless these days; all you need to succeed and become president of the universe is a highschool diploma, right?
Do you see my point yet? Bah f#%! it, I don't need to explain any further.

Pointless Fanservice
While fanservice can take many forms such as a reference to source material or a call out to popular characters, most anime relies on one and only one kind of fan service; "Ecchi" (meaning perverted or naughty) and that is the fan-service I loathe. I can't speak for for everyone, but I for one hate this kind of "Fanservice" in any show I watch. I watch these shows to have either have fun or be engaged by the story; I do not watch them to get perverted content shoved down my throat- If I wanted to see content like this there are simply far better ways to get it (Seriously, there is this magical place called the Internet; I am sure some of you have heard of it) This kind of content detracts from the story and is a waste of resources that could be better spent on other things.

When all fails, try harder!
What may I ask is a sign of good story telling? Is it a clever use of lore to establish a world? Is it a sense of constant rules that the story must follow? Character progression and training? "[email protected]%# NO!!!" According to most anime endings, all you need to finish a good story is a good pair of lungs and the determination to yell really loudly. While many anime use what I mentioned to a degree, they almost always fail to follow through with them to the end. When all else fails "Trying harder" and screaming your head off is apparently the best way become the victor, nevermind the fact that magic blades, flawless strategies, perfect attacks, and a tactical nuclear strike have not worked up to this point; all you had to do was scream your head off and be more determined. Bull shyte! This is a pathetic cop out that many anime take at the last minute and it has never and will never make any sense. If screaming at the top of your lungs and "trying harder" were all you needed, why bother having a story to begin with. This is a pathetic plot twist and would never (Believe me, I should know; if the amount of screaming and effort I put into onlines games were a sign of power, I would be the equivalent of God at this point)

At this point I am running out of steam to write this blog, but Ill give it my best shot. (Which is ironic considering the next anime "Sin")

Lack of an Epilogue:
Most anime do not have a clue about how to end a series right. For every one anime that has a proper conclusion to its story, there are a hundred more that simply don't give a crap. A proper conclusion is rarely given to the characters and setting for a which the show was meant to tell and more often than not the series is left unfinished without even a trace of closure. Immagine reading a book only to find out the last few chapters were missing, how would you feel? Unless you are Dr. Who you would probably be very annoyed. This is the exact problem many anime force on their viewers, and I personally consider it a disgrace.

Here is a video courtesy of College Humor to top off this blog.