Forum and Front Page Integration


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Hey guys,

So earlier this morning, Menashe was able to integrate the front page articles' comment section with our forums. This is a feature that we've been looking forward to for a long time, and if I'm not mistaken is one of the many reasons for which we made the switch from Vanilla to Xenforo for our forum software.

What's going on?

The first thing that happened is that the "Gaming News" subforum was linked to the front page posts of the "news" type. This means that whenever the Nintendo Enthusiast staff posts a piece of news on the front page, there will be an automatically generated thread with the same title on our Gaming News subforum. In that thread, you will see a portion of the news story, as well as the comments made in that article's comment section. And when you post a reply in that thread, it will also be visible from the article's comment section. Please check out this news story's comment section, and the corresponding thread, to see what I'm talking about:

As you can see, the content is identical between the front page article and the forum thread. We hope this will encourage a greater sense of community, as well as more interactivity between these two communities in Nintendo Enthusiast.

What's the big deal?

The good part of the Nintendo Enthusiast front page has always been the feature articles. We have always done our best to make high quality critical features and reviews, among others. Well, now we're going to try and see what happens if we make those front page articles appear in these forums as well, the same way that news stories now appear in our Gaming News subforums. We didn't want to have a situation where front page articles break the flow of our existing forums, so instead we're creating a subforum space specifically for this purpose. You can find it here:
The title will change to something more appropriate soon.

Anyway, in that space you will see threads that are copies of front page articles; and whether you reply to the thread from here, or to the article in the front page, you will be part of the same conversation. Whether you think of this as a chance to interact with more people and have more activity in the forums, or as an opportunity to school the chilluns who only hang out in the comment sections of articles, I think this will be engaging and fun for everyone. And as I said before, the inflow of articles to those subforums will not disrupt the flow of other subforums. (We considered just linking all the front page features and reviews to the Wii U boards, but that meant that there would be out-of-place 3DS articles there, and maybe other things that would feel out of place with the forum's mood. Of course, if the community feels that it would be more beneficial to do that, we can, but you should talk about it for a while first.)

What do y'all think? Any suggestions or comments about this?


I think this is great, and a huge step forward in giving the front page readers and place to post without fear of BUMPIN all of our topics in other forum category's.

From our reg side I think it's great aswell because having a special forum for these articles makes them feel like there in there own spot and not invasive on the community we have. While also giving them an option to partisapte with front page users aswell as possibly showing them the quality of people we have back here.

It's truly a nice bridge that was built here.