~~{Forum Slowdown MegaFun Thread}~~


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This is the forum slowdown megafun thread. Post whatever you want (except porn and gore of course), especially if you think it's the cause of the forum slowdown.
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ok, so the chat might indeed be the culprit, but thinking about it further it shouldnt be.
The chat will autoupdate whenever someone posts, and if you dont refresh the page it will go LOOOONG and will slow down the page immensely. I know this for a fact because I often have to scroll back to find and cap a post or other things.
However, it should go back to normal if you refresh. Sounds like you guys are doing that and yet nothing gets better so I dont know.


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Yeah the second-to-last page on the CT gives me massive slowdown every single time I open it. But I'm also noticing that after it's done with the slowdown, like after a minute or two, then everything runs too smoothly. Like the gifs posted at the bottom of the page are already freaking loaded. This bitch is loading every goddamn thing in the page before you even get to it.


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Just some results:

I also get huge slowdown when I visit @Jacesonnall's profile page. I'd been getting this since like 2-3 weeks ago, but didn't think much of it cause the rest of the site wasn't slowing down at that time.

LSB also gets slowdown in every same way I get, which is in the Zelda thread, in the CT's second-to-last page, and Jacesonnall's profile.

Fried doesn't get any slowdown whatsoever.

LSB and I are both using Chrome. When I switch to Firefox, everything is good.

I tried disabling adblock on Chrome, but still got slowdown.

And even in Chrome, I only get slowdown here in TNE, not out there in Facbeook or anywhere else. But I've been also getting "shockwave Flash has crashed" errors that happen because of TNE but affect every site until I reload it, so maybe Flash is the problem.


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I don't have a clue where it came from. All I know is this guy who works for me had CoV icon in a Facebook pic. But it was of him and his cat, and was serious was bragging about the pic on Facebook.

It's some of the sketchiest most awesome awkwardness I've ever seen. I crack up every time if see @CitizenOfVerona icon


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I feel like I should post something that would break TNE. Not necessarily break the internet, but break TNE would be some type of accomplishment.