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Any type of like system or gamification is going to effect behavior. It's difficult to say how or to what extent.
Before you start discussing whether some system is good or bad, it's important to have a clear purpose for said system.

If you're using it for members to shape the community by approving others content, then just the like/dislike are needed. Those are the most flexible.

PA forums has a Like and an Awesome button. What's the difference? Awesome points get logged and loaded to another part of the forum that acts as a showcase of the forum's favorite content. It has a clearly defined purpose.
I think this is the easiest way to deal with RAPs. We put a RAP button for posts, and the posts with the highest score get archived and featured somewhere. If it's just me doing it weekly, it means that I'm pretty much selecting what is and isn't RAP, not the community. So by tying it to an actual button that people have to press, it's more accurate about what the community appreciates.

EDIT: OH SNAP there's a RAP button now. It would definitely be useful to be able to organize the posts by high RAP vote count.

Man, with every small thing we improve, I get the feeling that we edge closer to the way SomethingAwful does things, except vastly less rude.


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Quotes still aren't nesting.

The new plug-ins have made Xenfoogle a bit messy.

I'm still interested in doing colour swatches for themes.
Can I just say how annoying the Titanfall ad is? Lol, I hate ads that just open up on their own.

Also, loving the casual theme in terms of aesthetics. I just wish it had your usual forum stats underneath, perhaps make an altered casual theme? I just like this theme because it's the closest to what it was before.


“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”
Needs to be looked at pretty quickly:

I haven't tested it in this theme, but in Xenfoogle when you go to more options (because sometimes Xenforo bugs up with the file attachments) the 'post reply' button actually clicks 'attach files'. In Casual (haven't tested others), the 'insert quotes' button for multi-quote clicks 'post reply'.
Still issues/suggestions:
  • Change the quote box colour (just not sure to what)
  • Change the like bar to the same colour the quote box ends up as so it stands out.
  • More smileys.
  • Reply button auto nest up to three quotes deep, but don't take away the multi-quote button.
  • Larger avatars (140 or 150px)
  • GIFs for Avatars
  • Voice chat (I know this was mostly a joke, but how cool would it be to here, say, @mattavelle1's voice in the OP of a thread.
  • Allow changing of Avatar via URL input
  • Restore deleted threads
  • Ability to use all post ratings (I.E. like and disagree)
  • Ability to rate own post


I want to be able to search the thread i am currently viewing and preview a reply before posting it.
I LOL'ed this because if anyone needs this option Mantis it's you. I have wanted to read so many of your post......but "editing" then "delete".


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So how do people feel about a "Wise" and "Interesting" button?
If we went this route, I think it would be best to just make a custom button in place of the LOL. Pressing the custom button prompts a textbox to enter something short. It could save you recent/most used choices for quick reference.

I think it would be best to make the custom button always register as a positive rating. It would need some parsing code to make sure it's a single word. Mods would need access to change or delete some custom responses.

While it would take some work, it could be worth it. As gamification, it's not focused on competition, but socializing and expression. The latter is more congruent with why people join forums in the first place.

It might also be nice to allow for a custom "like bar" where people add their own buttons. If people wanted to remove the custom button and have the four we have now, they could do that.
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One suggestion, one report:

1. How about having a section of the forums (probably Community Hang-Out) be viewable only by forum members as opposed to anyone searching/lurking/passing by? I don't know how technically feasible/simple this is with the setup you have in place now, but I have seen it done with other forums. The thinking is that it creates a small slice of relative community privacy removing it from the Panopticon of open viewing. A sort of pub for the members if you will.

2. I will preface this by guessing that most of the display issues I'm about to mention strike me as being related to the ad banners. The aspect ratios get thrown off on my lap top and phone at times (in the case of the phone, the clickable hot spots on menu items like "Forum" cease to work at times and/or simply trigger the hotlink in the ad banner), and a few times a day the menu bar at the top (Forums, Alerts etc.) simply disappears.


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A WebM uploaded file player. We could limit it to like 3-4MB per movie only to make it not very hard on the server. I think that'd be really fun.



Alright fellas I'm not sure what happened all the sudden. But the boards are becoming broken to me. Every time I click on a thread, back outta a thread, heck just reading a thread it will send me directly to the App Store on moblie to pick up one of these crappy games advertised on the site.

Major had also said he has the same problem but his is on Android. I'm on the boards a ton to do work, and I can't work like this if every time I'm being redirected somewhere else. Disable these apps or do something just get this fixed cause if 2 of us @Majorbuddah are having the problem I'm sure others have or will aswell. And I need to come here frequently.


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I've noticed over the last few days, the boards have stretched to my entire screen, when before it would not and the outside borders were just filler. I don't know if this is because of the ads, or what.


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Are you using casual? That has stretched out for me, and looks better on my computer screen now (although the tradeoff is that it's now ultra stretched and nearly unusable on my phone).


Yeah the boards as a whole are alittle more sketchy now. I'm getting odd glitches like I would like a post and the board would refresh. I have went to post but it wouldn't let me type. Things like that over the past week.


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I like Casual being stretched out, but it'd be cool if it was an option for those that don't want it.
Yeah, I also use Casual, and I loved the non stretchiness of it. Now though, because it's stretched out, I dislike it, which is a shame because it's my favorite theme. Who eve is responsible for that, have an option to opt for the non stretchy version. :)