Dominick Ashtear

The details from Nintendo’s shareholders meeting are coming out, and among them are the executives’ approval ratings. Shareholders were asked to consider how well company president Shuntaro Furukawa and directors Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinya Takahashi, Ko Shiota, and Satoru Shibata were doing in terms of helping the company thrive. Here’s a breakdown of the vote (per Perfectly Nintendo translation): Shuntaro Furukawa: 937,392 in favor | 41,324 against | 245 abstained | 95.47% Approval Shigeru Miyamoto: 965,332 in favor | 12,059 against | 1,575 abstained | 98.32% Approval Shinya Takahashi: 965,552 in favor | 11,834 against | 1,575 abstained | 98.34% Approval […]

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