John Friscia

Surely at some point in life, you’ve wondered what it would be like if Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter franchise pulverized a Red Bull can while Ryu watches on. No? Well, you’re about to realize how foolish you were for not wondering about that, because it looks awesome in action. Skilled stop-motion creator Kenta Shinohara, or “Animist,” has created a roughly 45-second clip about Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Sakura training with a can of Red Bull. Sakura destroys the can in mere seconds, whereas Ryu, watching on enviously, cannot muster that same ferocity. ?????????????vs??????#StopMotion #StreetFighter ??????https://t.co/2H4ZKbYvo2 pic.twitter.com/xGiCmz4X29 — ?????????????Animist? […]

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