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Rare’s Donkey Kong 64 was a divisive game to say the least, stretching the collectathon style of platforming to its absolute limits. It took a lot of risks, many of which arguably didn’t pay off, and it never garnered the same reverence as Super Mario 64. However, outside of the Super Mario series, there really haven’t been many Nintendo-made 3D platformers since Donkey Kong 64 and the departure of Rare. That’s a shame as, for all its faults, Donkey Kong 64 also had some great ideas. The Nintendo Switch audience is always hungry for new games, so with the right improvements […]

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Yeah, it's time for a new Donkey Kong game. It's long overdue, and hopefully they make all of the characters playable. Heck, even throw in King K. Rool as a playable character, who has to unwillingly team up with DK and heroes, to overthrow a new villain, or semi new villain like Lord Fredrik. And call it Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze 2.

Anyways, nicely written article mun.
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