The mad speedrunner Hitshee from Japan broke a new RTA speedrun record for one of the all-time best Famicom RPGs in Dragon Quest III. The record was possible thanks to another wild method by the speedrunner, this time involving a few cartridge swaps on the fly. Before getting into the how, if you’ve never heard of Hitshee, he’s the previous Dragon Quest III record holder. RTAinJapan ????3???????????????????????????????????????????????????????#RTAinJapan pic.twitter.com/qLZIS5EzPI — Hitsheegame?????????? RTAinJapan (@Hitsheegame) December 27, 2020 The previous record for the classic Famicom RPG was 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Hitshee achieved the record through a bug that involved using a heating plate to […]

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