Square Enix released Octopath Traveler three years ago today, and the company shared a celebratory tweet with another sequel teaser. Here’s a translation of the Octopath Traveler 3rd anniversary celebration tweet from Square Enix: ??7?13?????????????3??? ????????????????????????????…???????????????????????????????????#??????????#OctopathTraveler#????????3??????????#Octopath3rdAnniversary pic.twitter.com/CJx4dTfkHe — ???????????? (@OCTOPATH_PR) July 12, 2021 Today, July 13th, is the 3rd anniversary of Octopath Traveler! Thank you all very much for your warm congratulatory messages! The development team will work hard so that we can set off on a new adventure with you all!!! Square Enix previously expressed that it would like to make a sequel to Octopath Traveler but mentioned back in October that a new […]

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