John Friscia

If you like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 cosplay, then we have another hot one for you. It’s a bit older than the other cosplay we’ve shared recently, but it’s new to us, so it’s probably new to you too! Cosplayer Sakanaya Gupico has shown off an awesomely detailed Mythra cosplay, a costume so well executed that it almost looks like something actual royalty would wear (well, in a futuristic society, maybe). ??????????8/8 Luvpia??8/9 1?????????with????? Luvpia??8/11 3???22a ??????? @tukinowagamo ??????? with ??????8/12 4??4???A02b ????8/17 ???8/21 ???(??)#???????? pic.twitter.com/TsgejY8IzQ — ????Luvpia&??? (@gupico) August 6, 2019 If you are a true connoisseur of the craft of […]

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