Andrew Rockett

Fans of the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series who love to treat their ears should rejoice, because the soundtracks from all six games between the two series are now available digitally on Steam, Apple Music, and Spotify. The official Mega Man Twitter account dropped the news yesterday, complete with links to each storefront. MUSIC START!Soundtracks for all four Mega Man Zero games and both Mega Man ZX games are available now on Steam, Apple Music, and Spotify! Steam: https://t.co/ZbcsGV4X7hApple Music: https://t.co/xBPSiBoyiaSpotify: https://t.co/9wsLsGGWEm pic.twitter.com/j7miHMjj1Y — Mega Man (@MegaMan) March 25, 2020 Dropping just a month after the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection released on […]

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