Future of Batteries?


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The man who invented the Li-ion battery is at it again!
Could you imagine what this would mean for electronics? What it would mean to Nintendo if a simple hardware revision of the switch would include such a battery? Imagine gaming on the switch all day, no need to worry about where you can charge it at or bring a portable battery backup. The sooner we can get rid of battery consumption restrictions the sooner hardware manufacturers can go mental with design!


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batteries are the next frontier of tech, there is a TON of research in every aspect of them, even in ridding us the need of them entirely...

basically, current battery tech is the biggest roadblock in the development of other technologies

size, heat, charge speed, capacity... all of those are limiting tech until they can be solved... so they will be... it is just a matter of time


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I think it would be cool if they developed some kinda of battery that never dies. It would be recharged but never loses its max cap when its used.